CES 2016: Bartesian

Many of us like to entertain and when we want to serve drinks to our guest we tend to fall back on soda or beer. Why? It’s easy.

Well at CES 2016 I found a company named Bartesian who makes a machine much like a keurig but for custom drinks. I interviewed, founder and CEO, Bryan Fedorak about what they are doing at Bartesian. This product was in the top 1% of all Kickstarter projects.

Bartesian is a single serve cocktail machine that uses capsule technology. You can serve a custom created mixed cocktails to your guests without the fuss of multiple ingredients and unnecessary waste.

More from Bartesian below, and keep listening to Craig Peterson’s Tech Talk.


Bryan Fedorak is an entrepreneur first, and also a mechanical engineer, MBA, and international bartender with broad experience.

Bryan founded Bartesian, a cutting edge hardware startup producing the world’s first single serve cocktail machine.

Bartesian has been developed by a team of product designers, cocktail experts, engineers, MBAs, and food scientists. Born out of two incubators in Kitchener-Waterloo, Bryan recently returned from the world’s premier hardware accelerator program, HAX, in Shenzhen China. He then launched on Kickstarter, joining the top 1% of all Kickstarter projects to have reached over $100,000 in funding. His focus is now on production, shipping, and ultimately massive scale.

Bartesian is the World’s first single serve cocktail machine using capsule technology. This device allows you to enjoy the true cocktail experience – without having to mess around with multiple ingredients, complicated recipes, and unnecessary waste…think of it as your own personal bartender – that you won’t need to tip!

Our team of professional mixologists have curated an all natural line of cocktails, specially formulated for single serve capsule use. These capsules contain the finest bitters, liqueurs, and juices in natural liquid form. The machine houses the four basic spirits required to make hundreds of the most popular and exotic cocktails – that until now – could only be readily enjoyed in trendy bars and luxury hotels.

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