CES 2016: Getting Busy Preparing

LAS VEGAS, NV – One more day away from the CES 2016, and everyone here in Las Vegas is all pumped up in setting up and showcasing their products for the show.

Here are just some of the photos as each one prepares for the big day.


The taxi line starts queuing up as mix of media, guests, and potential investors arrives at the area.

There will definitely be more than just one or two taxis on this line as the big day arrives. Expect heavy traffic everywhere, as some of the events can open as early as 7am, and close at around 6pm. So, make sure to plan your day ahead.


Experience what’s inside – Intel

Just one of the many things that make CES exciting each year, especially if you are part of the Tech-hungry audience. And Intel is one of the many companies to always watch out for in events such as CES.


And, of course safety is top priority.

After so many incidents happening in the state and around the globe, it’s good to have police visibility at all times, especially at events as big as CES.



On the floor, these are just some of what you’ll be seeing. Everyone setting-up their products, and what to showcase at the event, including some last minute preparations.


And, if you think the only line that has so much queue would be the taxis, think again. Starbucks is a definite hit to CES attendees, trying to get their caffeine fix. This is just a line of about 50 people, and could grow ten times over by tomorrow.