CES 2016: LEVL

Have you ever wondered how what you eat is really affecting your body? At CES2016 I had the opportunity to sit down with Danius Silkaitis a technical product manager at LEVL. They have designed a device that will help you make an informed decision about your individual health and wellness.

Through the use of their product you can adjust your routine so that you can meet all your wellness goals. By simply breathing into the machine you can learn the state of fat burning going on in your system. You can do this at any time during any activity and can then make an informed decision on your fitness regimen and diet.

Their predictive breath technology shows you what is going on inside your body. This product will be available by fourth quarter 2016.

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Danius is a results-oriented leader who brings strong analytical and technical skills, a constant thirst for knowledge and an innovative, methodical approach to his hardware and systems-focused role at LEVL. Danius’ experience as an mechanical and manufacturing engineer in the wellness space has equipped him with a strategic, visionary understanding of industry and technology trends that affords him the ability to see the big picture just as clearly as the important details.

Danius is an out-of-the-box thinker who enjoys finding simple solutions to complex challenges in the health and wellness space. His passion for customer-focused challenges and his commitment to getting our product to market while keeping an eye toward future horizons for the company make him a huge asset to the LEVL team.

The LEVL device will measure what is actually going on inside your body so you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness routine to achieve your goals. It provides you with your body’s state of fat burning by detecting your acetone level in your exhaled breath.

Available summer 2016.

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