CES 2016: OlloClip

If you are like me you like to take pictures to keep memories of activities alive.
If you are also like me you know that the best camera for the job is the one you have at the time.

For most of us that will be our cellphone.

Enter OlloClip allows you to capture and share life experience. Our cellphones are becoming the windows to our world. I sat down with Patrick O’Neill, the founder of Ollo Clip, to discuss their newest product the Olloclip studio which is an integrated mobile photography system.

The case and accessories are designed to work together seamlessly from the moment you put them on. This system includes an iPhone case with a two finger universal grip and two cold-shoe adapters for a microphone or lights and two 1/4 20 clips for attaching a tripod, grip or handles. Additionally they have indtroduced their new Active Lens and Macro-Pro 3 in 1 lens. I have a Ollo Clip and love that it fits in my pocket and is available whenever I need it.

Check out OlloClip below, and keep listening to Craig Peterson’s Tech Talk.

Patrick O’Neill has had a passion for photography and film since he was a young boy. He still has his original Kodak super 8 camera he got when he was 10. He then got his first digital camera about 15 years ago, which of course did not have any add-on lenses and was only 640×480, but he loved it and was forever hooked.

Creating and designing computer accessories for more than 20 years, and smart phone accessories for the past ten years, Patrick has always wanted to develop a product that melds his profession with his love of photography.

Patrick brewed over the iPhone lens ideas for years and was inspired by philosophies of Steve Jobs and Colin Chapman, the English founder of Lotus cars, for clean, simple designs. Once the iPhone 4 launched, he felt the camera was good enough quality for an iPhone lens. It was the KickStarter crowdfunding platform that motivated founder Patrick O’Neill to evolve the olloclip concept into a reality.

The olloclip® brand is synonymous with creativity in one’s pocket. With olloclip® products, amateur and professional photographers alike can capture and share life experiences, more easily, spontaneously and artistically than ever before. A person’s mobile phone becomes a window to the world—and mobile photography and videography enter a whole new realm of possibility.
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