CES 2016: Quantum Interface

Have you ever wondered exactly why when you interface with technology that it does what you want?

WellQ, Quantum Interface’s technology is that software that sits between you and the hardware. Their sensing technology is used in development kits and end user applications and includes smartphones, tablets, watches, desktops, game consoles and automobiles.

I spoke with Jonathan Josephson their Chief Technology Officer about the human interface of things and how their efficient Qi-powered interfaces provide faster intuitive navigation of your files and content with predictive applications that use less power and time making you more productive.

You can find out more about Quantum Interface and what they are doing by the links below, and keep listening to Craig Peterson’s Tech Talk.

Mr. Josephson, the Company’s founder, spearheads the development and design of the company’s motion-based UX, UI, software products and IP portfolio. He brings a wealth of experience in working with Government agencies at Federal, State and local levels, and has worked on projects from the Tokomak Fusion Reactor Project / Ion Beam Acceleration Rail Gun to current work on the future of Heads Up Displays, Dynamic UI’s, VR and AR interfaces and sensor fusion technologies, including new products and systems for DOD implementations.

Mr. Josephson comes from an academic family, and began taking music theory and then mechanical engineering courses at the University of Texas at ages 9 and 11, eventually entering the UT Honors Engineering Program studying mechanical engineering, metallurgy and wave dynamics. He has a 25 plus year history as a company owner, executive and founder in construction, technology and new products companies, and helped to bring technological advancements and UIX improvements to private and governmental agencies.

Quantum Interface offers proprietary, revolutionary user interface solutions through its suite of software development kits and end-user apps. These solutions enable a breakthrough common user interface across all devices – smartphones, tablets, watches, desktop computers, game consoles, virtual reality, automobiles and others – including all touch and touch-less environments.

Our software sits between the user and the hardware, a very thin but very valuable space. The global motion sensing market had revenues of around $243m in 2012 and is expected to increase to around $2.7B in 2018 (Research and Markets- 2014).

Our OEM customers will benefit immediately from our expanding suite of SDKs, which enable companies to accelerate development of elegant predictive interfaces for any system or device. Consumers will benefit from our downloadable apps for wearables and smartphones delivered using a freemium model.

Because Qi-powered interfaces are Efficient (faster navigation of files and content), Intuitive (easy, game-like design), and Predictive (senses where the user wants to go and brings objects closer, quicker) our applications use less time, less power, and are more productive.

Quantum Interface is the “Human Interface of Things.

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