CES 2016: Velodyne Lidar

How many of you are like me and need reading glasses? Well, it is a fact of life that at a certain point you will need them and when you do – you need them when you need them.

Well, at CES2016 I found the company, that will make all those who need reading glasses, very happy. I sat down with Darren Lancaster, co-founder at ThinOptics, to discuss their line of reading glasses.

First thing I noticed was how thin they were and then how flexible but the best thing of all is that they can fit in a wallet or on the back of your smart phone and then there is the quality of their optics which are better than most readers I have seen, and I have seen a lot of them.

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Mr. Lancaster has 24 years of experience as technologist, marketer, and entrepreneur. During this time he has honed his ability to match-up product innovations to un-met consumer needs across the telecom, electronics, online community, and retail consumer product segments. Darren has performed in roles varying from co-founding startup leadership roles to business development and strategy roles at Fortune 100 companies.

Darren co-founded his first company Rooftop Communications in the mid-90’s and oversaw a successful exit to Nokia in 1999. During his 7-year tenure at Nokia Darren played multiple business development and marketing roles in launching a new Enterprise division and mobile products and services.

Following Nokia Darren co-founded and advised several startup companies focused in the online community and email marketing space. As President of GroupVine Darren worked with top marketers at brands such as Logitech and PayPal to leverage GroupVine’s Interactive Email capability into their marketing campaigns.

As a co-founding partner of ThinOptics and a Venture Partner in Shalon Ventures, Darren’s role as Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce is focused on bringing ThinOptics into the mainstream and building a thriving user community. Darren lives in Willow Glen, California with his two daughters Senja and Amaya.

ThinOPTICS entered the market in 2014 and was launched by a passionate team who believes that reading glasses users should be able to access their glasses at any given time. After 200 prototypes and countless trials, the ThinOPTICS team created the “stick anywhere, go everywhere” reading glasses that are as thin as two credit cards, weigh less than a nickel and easily attach to phones or can be slipped into a wallet, purse or pockets. The ThinOPTICS reading glasses, which currently come in a Universal Pod as well as Apple and Samsung Cases, are available on the company’s website, Amazon, select Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and CVS locations throughout the U.S. ThinOPTICS was recently named “Best in Class – Iconic Design” by Inc., “Best of CES 2015” by PCWorld and has been featured on CBS News Sunday Morning, Yahoo! Tech, FOX News, Real Simple, Refinery29 and more. For additional information on ThinOPTICS, please visit www.thinoptics.com.
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