CES 2016: Vimble

You want to take a picture or video and the camera you have is your smart phone. How do you get the video you want without having it appear, shaky.

The engineers at Deltron Intelligence have solved this problem.

I spoke with Rian Chang the engineering director of Deltron Intelligence Technology about their new product Vimbles. Vimbles is a small hand held gimbal that utilizes a three axis stabilizer to hold your cell phone steady so that all your videos and pictures stay steady making sure that you have a clear shot every time you take a shot.

Along with advanced features of their ViCam app you can access face tracking, night mode and automatic panoramas working seamlessly with the Vimble itself.

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Versatile maker who is passionate about innovation product. Got his patent in high school. Champion of internal robotics competition, HKUST, 2012. 1st Runner-Up of ABU Robocon Hong Kong Contest, 2013, designed robot represented Hong Kong to attend international competition. Only representative of Hong Kong to attend Design/ build / fly competition hold by AIAA, 2014. Invent transition UAV winning ASM Technology award, 2015. Experienced in mechanical design/ hardware configuration and embedded software development.

DelTron Intelligence Technology Limited was started for one purpose: To design products that help creatives unlock their full creative potential and express their visions through photography and video.

We knew there was a massive community of photographers and videographers using nothing more than their iPhones to create stunning art. With our first product, the Vimble, we wanted to help these creators go even further by creating a gimbal that truly eliminated the natural limitations of the iPhone’s built-in camera.

But the Vimble is just the beginning of what we have planned. Our vision is to be yet another source of inspiration for all creatives, bringing them innovative products that turn their ideas into reality.

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