Lacie’s Chiseled 5TB USB Drive Aims To Make Storage Stylish

LaCie (and its parent Seagate) is still determined to inject some style into the world of external hard drives — thankfully, with some improved functionality as well. Its 2019 Mobile Drive touts a chiseled-looking “diamond cut” metal design that wouldn’t look out of place next to a MacBook Pro (you can still use it with Windows PCs, of course). The real allure, though, is the raw capacity — you can opt for a 5TB version if you’re editing gobs of media on the road, and even the slim version packs 2TB.

If raw performance is more your thing, a similarly-styled Mobile SSD promises up to 2TB of space with read speeds as quick as 540MB/s. It’s also slightly more rugged with drop resistance from heights up to 9.8 feet. The LaCie team hasn’t said how much either drive will cost, but you can assume that the 5TB hard drive and 2TB SSD will cost a pretty penny.