Apple Introduces New, Upgraded iMac Computers

Apple has introduced a new lineup of iMac computers, and a complete and total re-engineering of the iMac may be in the works.

After a brief period of downtime Tuesday, the Apple Store has returned with brand new iMacs, confirming recent rumors about an imminent refresh of the lineup.

The new iMacs sport the latest Intel Core i5/i7 Sandy Bridge architecture, a HD camera and the new super-fast Thunderbolt port, first seen on MacBooks Pro.  Article at

And talking about a complete re-design, they’ve found a patent application that integrates the iPad with the iMac.

If recent patents are any indication, your future iMac might just include a built-in iPad.

The website Patently Apple has uncovered some European patent filings filed in September 2009 and first published in January 2010. The document outlines a system for an iMac touch, a device that acts like a standard desktop computer in one orientation and a tablet in another.