Apple Leopard Even Comes With “Blue Screen of Death”

Like so many Apple fans, I got my copy of Leopard before it was released in the stores. I pre-ordered it and it showed up as promised – just-in-time. But it came with a feature that many people wern’t expecting.

Because the newer family of Apple’s operating system, known as OS-X, is based on a UN*X-like platform (BSD to be exact), it came with a number of built-in features. It is more secure than hacked-up bootstrap loaders (such as Windows) and is also capable of incredible contortions. It is the later that bit some users this time.

Turns out that a few applications, among them Application Enhancer (by Unsani) just doesn’t get along with the new Leopard. But fear not, it’s likely that you’re not running this “rogue” application. It doesn’t come with Apples, but it does come with some third-party applications, and is used as a kind of central clearing house for a number of different programs.

So, fear not! Install Leopard. You’re guaranteed not to have any problems. Which is why I haven’t installed the version I bought yet. I’d kind of like things to settle down for a few weeks before I bet my farm on the lot.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found the BSOD to be a scary thing — especially when it comes from our friends at Apple!

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