iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Are the Beginning of the End of Apple

We’ve been watching the popular iPhone 4’s technical problems over the past few weeks with its antenna design.  The iPhone 4’s DeathGrip is so common that anyone who owns and uses an iPhone on the road has experienced its propensity to dropping calls.

As a radio technician (Advanced-Class HAM license), I have to say that it’s impossible that competent design engineers missed this potential problem.  I truly doubt that Apple’s being hiring idiots to do its hardware designs, so it only left me with one possible answer: they knew about the problem in advance and that the problem was a design trade-off.  Turns out I was right again.

Steve Jobs admitted today that there is a real problem with the design, but gave the “but everybody else has a similar problem” excuse.  Sheesh!

It looks like we’ve got the evidence we need: Apple has finally become too arrogant to be responsive to even its greatest fans.  The fall is on the way…

Apple, I knew thee when.