From Thumb Disks Through Internet Backup – How to Keep Your Data Backed Up

From your local computer hard disk through solid-state USB Disks and terabytes of online disk storage, what are the options for home users and businesses for storing and backing up their documents, photos, music and videos online? What are some of the pros and cons to using the Internet to backup your data? Speed, security, recovery?

I interviewed Richard D. Lee, chief at large at Pillar Consulting who shares his expertise on storage solutions.

  • The two best solutions for all your home back-up needs. Typically, if a family only has a few Word files or smaller documents to save, a USB memory drive is the most cost-effective solution. However, if you have a lot of family memories in the form of photos and videos, these larger files can be saved on an external hard drive that can always be stored in a safe place. Of course, you have to remember to back them up.
  • Choosing the best Internet back-up options based on your needs and budget, vary in terms of size, speed and cost. You can do this for free by e-mailing info to your own cost-free G-mail account, which offers six gigabytes of memory, or you can use premium services that cost $50 per gigabyte and have better customer service if a recovery is needed. also sells an online back-up service.
  • The pros and cons on Internet back-up systems. There are a couple of things to consider before choosing an online back-up system. For instance, if you plan back-up large files, you may need to ensure that your bandwidth is large enough to accommodate your needs. You may also need software to speak to that particular service.

Richard D. Lee – A biography

Richard D. Lee is the chief-at-large at Pillar Consulting Corp., a New York City-based company that provides dedicated, outsourced information technology for small businesses. Lee is also the co-founder of Brains Function Design, a firm that offers Web development with a marketing edge.

Pillar is synonymous with computer support. Since 1995, Pillar have been providing dedicated tech support for small businesses and high tech homes. They provide business-class support for those who require expertise and value the special attention.

Pillar has clients all over the world and can easily support using remote access technology that is secure, easy and free. Whether you are 50 blocks away from Pillar, or on another continent, they can support you.

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