Sophos tells users to roll back Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday run if they want PC to boot

British security software co. Sophos has advised its customers to uninstall Microsoft’s most recent Patch Tuesday run – the same patches that protect servers against the latest Intel issues.

In an advisory note published over the weekend, Sophos admitted the latest batch of Windows updates is causing the machines of some people using its AV wares to hang on boot, getting stuck while displaying the line “Configuring 30%”. Its advice on what to do is pretty blunt: uninstall the Windows update. Specifically, revert KB4499164 (May’s full-fat Patch Tuesday) and KB4499165, the security-only update.

The latest Patch Tuesday is intended to mitigate a pretty nasty vulnerability (CVE- 2019-0708) which permits unauthenticated remote code execution through the medium of Remote Desktop Services. Sophos itself opined that it was “so serious that Microsoft has even released patches for its long- unsupported operating systems, Windows 2003 and XP”.