The Coming End of the Personal Computer

It’s been more than 30 years since the IBM PC stared to unify the rough-and-tumble personal computer market place of the 1970’s.  Its design sparked decades worth of copycats and also-rans which have completely dominated the desktop market.  Things are starting to change, and we’re starting to see the decline of the Desktop “PC”.  But its demise is going to take a while, and it isn’t getting directly replaced.

Today, Tablet computers are many people’s primary computers.  Although tablet technology has existed for more than a decade, and Microsoft was its first promoter, they just haven’t taken off until Apple introduced its tablet “iPad” computer is 2010.  Since then the popularity of tablets has expanded into the millions of units and dozens of operating systems.

When will the PC go away?  For many people it already has.  One of the primary inventors of the ubiquitous PC, Mark Dean, already is using a tablet as his primary computer.

The PC isn’t being replaced with a new PC-killer device.  Its being replaced with more application-specific vertical devices such as smart phones, the computing “cloud” and of course the tablet.

30 years is a pretty good run in the technology world.  Goodbye PC.  Hello ease-of-use and ease-of-access.