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China is at it again – The Peoples Liberation Army is using our hardware to hack into the government and our businesses.Testing the Presidential Alert System and why it that test is important.What do you think about Youtube replacing textbooks?  Well it is happening in many schools.
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Airing date: 10/10/2018

China Hack, Youtube replacing Textbooks in schools, iWatch4 and Presidential Alerts

Craig Peterson: 0:00 Hey, Good morning. Craig Peterson, here. We’ve talked about a couple of different things this morning including Ken went in to check out that new Apple Watch. So, if you have older eyes, you’re going to want to hear what he had to say about it. But, today we talked about the Presidential alert system. Did you get one of those alerts this week? A YouTube study that came out from Pearson Education, this is absolutely going to affect your kids. And this, China hack – did they hack our hardware? Who’s at risk? What’s really going on here? Its smaller than a grain of rice. It’s just amazing what’s happening what’s going on out there today. Also, the third webinar today of our little webinar series, its the last one. It’s for Small businesses on cybersecurity and we’re offering one free cyber security, cyber liability, actually, sigh liability assessment. One free for small companies. So go to Craig Peterson dot com sign up for the webinar. Webinar attendees will get one free assessment. This is something that normally cost hundreds of dollars and thousands if you’re doing it across the company. We’ve had a lot of great feedback from people on this who learned a lot of things. I appreciate everybody who’s there so check it out Craig Peterson dot com and here we go with this morning Phil and Ken because Matt is out, well on vacation

1:36 I wonder if this theme song is nominated the rock and roll Hall of Fame. I wonder if Craig Peterson is a nominee for the rock and roll hall of fame. I suspect not. Craig, nothing personal. Maybe the Technology Hall of Fame? Certainly. I would agree with that. Hello. Unknown 1:51 How are you? Great job. I don’t know if we have those. You know, the jocks end up working for the geek. But the geeks just never manage to get their own hall of fame.

2:01 Yes, that’s true. They are prejudiced against geeks

2:06 The geeks and running in the world, what are you talking about?

2:08 So, I have to tell you, Craig, my wife is not a big fan of Donald Trump. And when she got this Presidential Text, she literally screamed. She really thought that the President was texting her directly, and then thought that was gonna be followed up with another text or a Twitter from him about something because of they

2:27 don’t we, it’s not

2:28 Don’t we run the risk of the president being able to just kind of send something out to everybody, whether we like it or not? Or is that not a risk at all?

2:38 Wouldn’t that be something?

2:43 Was it sounds like xo, xo or anything on the end? Or?

2:46 No, I doubt it.

2:50 Yeah, well, we’ve, you know, we have an Emergency Alert System. And if you’re living down in the coast right now, there’s probably hurricane sirens going off to warn everybody. And you might have seen before weather alerts that come into our phones right, here, If there’s a heavy storm, flooding expected, etc. And so typically these things are run by the state. Do you remember? A lot of this was early on, I think in President Trump’s presidency, or maybe it was under President Obama, that in Hawaii, all of the air raid sirens started going off because there was an imminent inbound missile that was going to hit Hawaii. Do you remember that one? Yeah, yeah. And, you know, so those things are typically run by the state. In the case of Hawaii, of course, it was it was a false alarm. But, this what you had last week was not President Trump reaching out to all of the women in the country

3:48 What it was was an emergency presidential text alert. The same types of messages that you’ve been getting from the state, historically now, the Feds can do. And this is the third time they’ve run a test it’s been a little while since I tested it last time not everybody got these alerts and the idea is if there is something imminent, something urgent that happening and everybody needs to know about it that’s how the messages going to get out because most people have a cell phone all of the major carriers are participating in this. and you know Ken we remember his kids learning “duck and cover” right, because of the Soviet threat at the time, when we were in school. This is kind of the modern-day version of this Now, they are calling this a presidential alert. It really is a federal alert but yeah not everybody got it which is kind of interesting and that’s the reason they’re testing it. In order to make sure that everyone does get it. So, that the in the event that there is some form of a national emergency and everyone needs to be notified right away they’ll be able to to use it. So tell your wife, Don’t worry about it he’s probably she’s probably not going to get another personal message from the president. We’re talking with Craig Peterson our tech guru that man over there is Ken Auchulter

5:14 Yeah, you like the godfather of the WGAN morning news I’m, I guess I’m the guest today Filling in. Craig let me follow up on that for just real briefly because there’s other things I, I’m curious to get your opinion on. My understanding is that not everyone got that presidential alert text, I, I’m I’m one of them. Maybe it’s because

5:36 I didn’t care at all about you. Sometimes, it’s about someone else. Well, frankly, it was only the important people Unknown 5:48 Not everyone got that. In fact I was on a phone call, when it came in. Because I forgot that it was coming right or I would have waited and my phone call was completely interrupted and the alert came through. And then it was reconnected after a few seconds. And then the guy in the other end of the phone cut the presidential alert. So, I know it leads to people that got it. But yeah, there are still some number of people that didn’t get it. And they were on various carriers. So, some Verizon people got it some didn’t to some T- Mobile got it from didn’t. I’m not sure of all of the details as to why some got it and some didn’t. Other than some glitches in the system, which is why they felt they had to test it again.

6:34 Let’s go to a different place. I’m really eager to get your opinion and analysis of this story that came out about an Unknown 6:42 tiny chip in China

6:45 equipment that’s now infiltrating US Companies. Yes, please. Tell us. Give us give us to tell us what’s happening. Craig? Well, this is there. Wow. Intrigue, okay. I don’t even know where to start with this one. This is fascinating because of a story came out in Bloomberg last week. And Bloomberg was saying that major US corporations, and they named specifically Amazon, and they also named Apple. That US corporations had been infiltrated by the People’s Liberation Army, at least their equipment had been. The Bloomberg story when it is some detail about it. And we’ve had over the weekend now, absolute denials from Amazon and Apple about this. Now, this is let’s talk about the accusation. And then in fact, this week, there have been more confirmations that have happened. Apparently, China has this little teeny tiny chip that may be about the size of a grain of rice. And the allegation is that the Chinese military has been embedding these chips into computer circuit boards, into the motherboards of certain computers made by a server manufacturer, that that I’ve used for years called Supermicro, they make some really good stuff. They are a Taiwanese company like guy that owns it’s based out in the San Francisco Bay Area. And they’ve been around for very long time. And apparently what this chip does is when the computer when the server boots up, it basically just opens up the phone line to China and gives them complete control over the computer. Now, the Bloomberg story said that Amazon figured this out, and started removing these pieces of equipment from the network’s. Same things true with Apple, they figured it out, as well. Although, as I said, both companies have denied it. And this week, we have a company that says they have a examined these systems. And yes, indeed, there are spy chips on all of these devices, including devices that are used by the military and the federal government, including things like cameras, video cameras, and others. So, this is really kind of interesting, at least from my standpoint, because you know, I love the security stuff and figuring it all out and helping businesses with it. But we’re talking about potential infiltration by the Chinese military of the CIA, as well as divisions, major divisions of the military, and maybe even some of our major corporations that are handling all of our data. And I frankly, I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese to do something like that. We have

9:57 been talking to Craig Peterson, our Tech Guru who joins us, every Wednesday at 738

10:04 YouTube. I watch you to all the time, you know, I’m a, I don’t know if you know, this big pickleball player and I, I go to YouTube all the time to learn, how to play pickle a ball. So if I can learn pick up all by YouTube. Can’t our students learn their lessons in school by YouTube?

10:22 It’s an interesting question. And my grandfather plays Pickleball, by the way, Ken Unknown 10:28 say that ages me doesn’t it? Yeah,

10:30 yeah, there. There you go.

10:34 Yeah, YouTube, it’s an interesting thing. Because there is basically everything you want out on YouTube, the quality of what you’re going to learn is always a little bit questionable. But we’re seeing more and more, online learning going on. You know, my wife and I, we homeschooled all of our kids. And you have eight children? Yeah, you have eight children. Oh, my

10:58 god, you’re a saint

11:00 today, we homeschooled them all the way up to college. Then there was no YouTube, right? There wasn’t any of this stuff. And it was a different world. You know, we use Texas Tech and some other things to help with the curriculum. Well, now we’re finding that YouTube is replacing the textbooks and lectures in a lot of the schools, nationwide. And some studies have been done looking at the different generations of students and have found that millennials prefer to learn from textbooks, 60% of them, but it’s switched now the next generation, which is called Generation Z, is preferring to learn from YouTube, about 60% of them. So Ken you have something in common with Gen Z. There you go. Yeah. So, and we’re talking about Gen Z, we’re still talking about the young kids, right, early high school all the way up through through college, frankly. But this, is going to be happening more and more, hopefully, they’re vetting it properly. But, it really brings in an interesting question about our future and the future of our universities and our schools, high schools. There’s a lot of lot of kids here in Maine that are living in very rural areas that are using online curriculum. There is some incredible stuff out there from every major university. So, I think that’s a good move I think its overall a good move, let me put it that way. The study that was done by Pearson Education I had some good and interesting numbers in it I’ve got it up on my website as well as these other articles. But this is the trend of the future, guys Unknown 12:50 All right, our tech guru joins us every Wednesday 738. By the way, Craig, I saw the iWatch four I went to the Apple Store to look at it. Yeah, It really looks impressive and I don’t even wear a watch but I yeah I think I think it’s on my Christmas list now

13:06 Can you see it? Can you read it well enough?

13:07 You know, I believe it or not I look at the 40 and the 44, watches the 44 just looked too big on my wrist because I’ve got, you know, I’m small, I’m five feet five. So, I looked at the forty and you know frankly, yeah wasn’t that hard to read. I mean it’s not it’s not the same as my iPhone Xs max, which I love by the way I love by the way, but I love the right just the iPhone particular with cellular service now, you don’t have your iPhone I think it’s really been a quantum leap forward Unknown 13:41 Yeah, nice. Nice good recommendation there yep. From Ken Auchulter also there you go.

13:46 Thank you next week.

13:48 Bye.

13:51 Don’t forget register early register often Craig Peterson dot com you’ll get into today’s webinar and we do have a replay that’s going to be up for a few days if you missed this it’s so important for small businesses. Small businesses, you are the target. Small-medium businesses, because you just can’t afford the people that frankly you need in order to keep your system safe. And, you also have a lot more at risk a look at the list. There are dozens of things that you have that are your business assets that if they were unavailable to you or stolen would be just a horrific thing. So, make sure you register and maybe you can get into the next series that I put on probably coming up in a few months. Craig Peterson dot com. Have a great day. Take care guys. Bye-bye.

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