ALERT: New, major problem with WiFi

If you have a WIFI network, you’re likely vulnerable again. Even if you’re using WPA or WPA2.

This new approach cracks most WIFI networks with the capture of only a single packet. Worse yet, it even works against most business WIFI networks.

To protect yourself, you must turn off IEEE 802.11i/p/q/r protocols roaming functions.

We have disabled the vulnerable protocols in all of our clients networks. This means that transitioning between WIFI access points will be a slower process as users move through the building. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

You can find more information online at:

Once the key is extracted from the captured packet, it still has to be broken using Hashcat, which means it may take days or weeks to recover the key.

So most home networks are not worth the effort to crack, and corporate networks using WPA-enterprise are a lot harder to crack. But the risk of becoming a victim isn’t worth it as I’ve seen so many times.