Cyber Attacks on Government and Business by China

The US has a problem with cyber attacks, and those attacks seem to be originating from China.  Or maybe Russia.  Or…  Well, they are a problem.

McAfee has said that hundreds of servers have been attacked by what has to be described as professional hackers who appear to be looking for ways to get at secrets.  From government weapons systems and our diplomatic papers through the Associated Press and computer programs from companies like Google. On top of that, they’re looking for financial information from just about everybody.  And it keeps getting worse.

Don’t think that they’re not interested in your, or your company.  These hackers are quite interested in finding information which they can provide to your oversees competitors just as much as they’d like your bank account information.  Most people here in the US don’t consider that, due to the fact that there are no Intellectual Property rights in China and the fact that the Chinese government runs the entire economy, that they are very likely behind these exploits in an attempt to give their People’s Liberation Army every manufacturing advantage possible.