Easy-to-Use Tools to Keep Your Online Privacy

There are a few tools basic tools that will help you keep your privacy online — no matter what happens. My family and I use these tools every chance we get (ok, there are times you have to use Google…) and I’ve talked to their inventors over the years. I highly recommend them.

Privacy-Aware Browser

I really like the Epic browser. Although it is based on Google’s Chrome browser, it is truly designed to keep your information private.

  1. It’s Free!
  2. No Data Collection
  3. Always-On Extreme Private Browsing
  4. Actively Blocks thousands of websites, ad & social networks, search engines, etc. from tracking you
  5. Fingerprinting Protection
  6. Build-in AdBlock
  7. Encrypted data preference (WiFi protection)
  8. One-Click Proxy Surfing to hide your IP Address

Non-Tracking Search Engine

Search engines are continually trying to track who you are, what you’ve been looking for and where you’re going online. Ever notice how you search for something on Google and then every website you go to seems to have ads related to what you searched for? It isn’t an accident. Your searching and browsing history is a product that the search engines sell to marketers and others.
DuckDuckGo is a special search engine that doesn’t track you or sell your search information. They “put privacy first,” and that means that they just don’t compromise your security. Ever.