Home Security Via the Cloud

Looking to protect your home or office? How about broadcasting real-time video? Today we spoke with Devin Chawda, the President of Y-cam about their Internet/Cloud-based Security Cameras

1. It is now possible to set up a video camera at your home or business which records instantly to the cloud rather than on some local recording device. This is a revolution in home/business security as it not only means the video is stored safely away from the property but it can be viewed from anywhere and motion alerts sent to any mobile device.
2. Anyone that wants to broadcast live steaming video to their local community, or even the world can now do so. Whether you’re a watersports shop owner on the beach wanting to show off the waves or a homeowner just wanting to share the amazing view outside her bedroom window, it’s now accessible to anyone.
3. Now you can use your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and your existing Wi-Fi network to monitor your baby in a way that wasn’t possible before