How Do You Stop Your Corporate Data From Being Stolen? ZENWorks Has An Answer.

Novell’s ZENworks Endpoint Security Management software lets organizations control applications, protocols and removable storage devices. It delivers enhanced password features that improve security for lost or stolen laptops by requiring an additional password to prove user identity before permitting decryption of data. You can Listen Here to my interview with Richard Whitehead from Novell.

The solution also offers added control over removable storage devices. In detail, the product can:

  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management provides administrators control over the use of local optical media (CD-R/W, DVD+/-R/W) and all attached storage devices (USB thumb drives, MP3 players, flash memory cards, zip drives, and other removable media types). Administrators can set policy-based restrictions on device access privileges, which protects the integrity and confidentiality of data on the endpoints, while simultaneously protecting the endpoint from the introduction of malware and of any other unauthorized activities.
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management delivers granular control over which devices are allowed, blocked, or set to “read only.” A separate utility is also available for capturing device names and serial numbers in a master list that can then be imported into a policy.
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects against the introduction of local storage devices that can copy data without leaving an audit trail. These transactions are blocked by either completely disallowing use of such devices everywhere, or by disallowing their use based on an endpoint’s network location. Storage devices can be placed in read-only mode or fully disabled, while the endpoint hard drive and all network drives remain accessible and operational.
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management includes reports and alerts to notify administrators and security officers of potential threats. Reports can include relevant location information, the names of files transferred to removable storage devices, their sizes, who transferred them, and when the file was transferred and to what device.

Richard Whitehead
Director, Product Marketing at Novell
Richard Whitehead – A biography

Richard Whitehead is director of product marketing for the Systems & Resource Management (ZENworks) business unit within Novell. The business unit is responsible for developing enterprise systems management from the desktop to the data center.

With over 15 years experience in the software industry, Richard has worked for Novell in a variety of roles, including engineering, product management and product marketing. He has also held senior positions in product management and marketing for Citrix, Franklin Covey, and WordPerfect.

Richard is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BS in Design Engineering Technology and Mathematics.

Novell is a global infrastructure software and services company headquartered in Waltham, Mass. The company provides leadership in Linux and Open Source, Identity Management and Security, Systems Management, and Collaboration, which helps customers with their IT Management to operate and integrate mixed source environments.


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