Imran Awran Still Has a House Account [As Heard on WTAG]

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Joined Jim Polito today, to find out more about the IT personnel that surrounds Debbie Wasserman Schiltz. It looks like they weren’t following any of the standard computer protocols.
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Airing date: 09/05/2017

Imran Awan Still Has a House Account

Craig Peterson: We got more information that’s come out about the IT personnel surrounding Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It looks like they weren’t following any of the standard computer protocols. It’s incredible. I talked to Jim about it just this morning.

Jim Polito: Always great to have him here. I’m talking about the Tech Talk guru, Craig Peterson. And man, does he get it. You know what? So much of politics and intrigue now is IT and nobody knows politics and IT better than Craig Peterson, who joins me right now. Good morning sir.

Craig: Hey, good morning Jim.

Jim: Alright, Craig. You’re obviously not a consultant to the Democratic Congressional Caucus. Right?

Craig: Now I wouldn’t mind being the IT.

Jim: No, I know.

Craig: $4 million to do a little IT work?

Jim: Right. So, and if you were, you would institute certain protocols. And let’s get to some of the most rudimentary protocols. If someone no longer works for the government, and someone no longer works for your democrat caucus, they should no longer have access to your IT, to your information systems. Am I correct?

Craig: Well yeah. There’s a few things you have to do. When we come into a business the first thing we do is, number one, make sure you have backups.

Jim: Yup.

Craig: Number two, make sure that all of the systems are patched and up-to-date. And number three, review the list of people who have access. Make sure you remove people who aren’t there anymore. And then tell HR, hey, anytime anybody leaves, let us know. And then make sure to review, at least quarterly, because you don’t want ex-employees, maybe disgruntled employees etc., having access to your computer systems. So Jim, you’re right there.

Jim: Yeah. We’re talking with Craig Peterson folks, our Tech Talk guru. So the reason we lead into this, like this, is we establish this. And I think most people who left a job, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you know that by the time you turn the key in your ignition in the parking lot, your access to email and to any other information systems within that company has been turned off. Correct?

Craig: Right.

Jim: Right. Ok.

Craig: Absolutely. The codes are changed on the doors.

Jim: Yeah. Everything.

Craig: Or everything.

Jim: Everything. Okay. Whether you leave under positive circumstances are not. Okay, what’s going on with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and these guys, these shady characters from Pakistan, who were working for her doing IT?

Craig: Yeah. Oh wow. This could go on for a while. But yes, the main guy they hired who was, this is the guy that was fired from McDonald’s. He couldn’t do the job.

Jim: That’s a bad way. Unless you want to be fired for McDonald’s. I mean if you’re fired from McDonald’s that’s…

Craig: Well then, and a lot of people look at it… First of all, McDonald’s jobs, ok. You know it’s a great place to start a career.

Jim: I didn’t say it was a bad place.

Craig: Yeah, exactly.

Jim: I’m just saying they pretty much train you. They made it as simple as possible to do what you have to do at McDonald’s.

Craig: Well and moving on to the next part of this whole thing is if you are an IT expert, there are right now, according to estimates, about 1 1/2 million open job for true IT experts. For people with some security background that know things like you remove old accounts etc.

Jim: Yeah.

Craig: So if you are a good at IT, if you’re good at computers, why would you work at McDonald’s when you could easily go get a job in IT?

Jim: I don’t understand. And that’s the background with this whole thing. Debbie Wasserman Schultz hired these guys to work for, when she was heading the Democratic committee. But didn’t they also work for the Democratic caucus in the House?

Craig: Well at first we thought they worked for about 30 different Congress critters. All Democrats.

Jim: Yup.

Craig: It turns out it’s actually closer to 80.

Jim: Wow.

Craig: And they had full access to a number of different committees’ records including, these are house committees here we’re talking about. But including the Homeland Security Committee, the House Intelligence Committee, they all employed this guy, Awan, and Awan brought in his wife, his brother who was involved in what appears to be some very shady car dealership dealings and lawsuits over million dollars here, million dollars there. Pretty soon it’s almost real money. So yeah, they had full access to Homeland Security, House Intelligence Committee information. All of the information from at least 30 different Democrat offices within the House. And in total about 80 different Democrats. Now not just their email but they had access to all of their files as well. So they had access to, you name it, anything that goes through there which is private. It’s secure, this is supposed to be. And it’s privileged information. But that loops us back to this email address, Now he had email address which was But apparently he made himself another email that would be a little too hard to find. And it’s not just an email address, Jim. This address got him into systems. Exactly. It’s absolutely nuts here. So some court documents and emails were obtained that show this email address. And so now it looks like, wait a minute here. This address is still active. Awan’s email account was shut down on February 2nd. Of course, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the DNC at the time and also, not right in February but a little earlier, and who had hired Awan, she did not fire her IT guy. Remember, he had no access to any of the computers after February 2nd, and yet she still continued to pay him triple the going Washington, DC rate for IT people.

Jim: Something stinks there Craig. Now Craig, I don’t have your smarts. I don’t have your technical ability. None of that. But I can tell you that knowing what you just explained to me, something stinks there. There’s more to this that we don’t know about. And I’m going to suggest that a lot of this ties into all of the Russia collusion. The emails. The hacking of Hillary Clinton. That maybe John Podesta’s account was hacked by Democrats, not Russians, Democrats who were mad that their party had pushed aside Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. I think all of this, hopefully, will come out one day. But I think that’s the end of this. I think that’s the story behind the story.

Craig: Well Jim, I got to tell you, the facts and evidence right now certainly would corroborate your story.

Jim: Imagine that, I got Craig Peterson. I went out on a limb with a hypothesis. And a brilliant man said Jim, you’re right.

Craig: Well I said they’d corroborate.

Jim: They’d corroborate, yeah.

Craig: I didn’t say you were right.

Jim: It’s pretty good though. Craig, it’s pretty good. I mean, I get you. We’re late here, but I want to make sure that folks can get this information, plus you’ve got a lot of other great information today. And it’s just been such a busy morning. So I don’t want anyone to miss it. I want you to text my name, Jim, to this number.

Craig: 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.

Jim: You’ll get all this information and you’ll get regular updates from Craig. Not annoying every day updates. And standard data and tax rates apply. Craig, excellent analysis as usual. We’ll talk with you next week.

Craig: Alright. Take care Jim.

Jim: Thank you.

Craig: Hey, and a quick shout out to everybody who has been going online and sending me information. You can ask questions at that number too. 855-385-5553. Have a great day and we’ll join you in the online world. Bye-bye.