Internet’s Major Reliance and What to Expect with iPhone’s Anniversary


With our major reliance on the internet as business owners, who do we fall back to when our trusted services break down? As business owners, having the company’s website information leaked would be the last thing we want to happen, so we have to have a backup for outages as big as CloudBleed.

Sharing more of security today, including what to expect on the rumored iPhone 8 on iPhone’s anniversary. These and more on TechSanity Check.

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Airing date: 03/06/2017

Amazon Outage – iPhone 8 Rumors OLED Screen USB C



Craig Peterson: It’s time for another TechSanity check. Craig Peterson here. We’re gonna talk a little bit about the internet’s major reliance on a few very big companies. We had a problem last fall right up here in the Northeast. Manchester, New Hampshire with Dyn. And of course, major problem earlier last week with Amazon. What does it mean for us now? What does it mean for the future of the internet? What should you be looking at if you’re a business person? Also, iPhone 8, we got some rumors out there. Looks like some major changes in this next iPhone, the 10th anniversary edition. All of that and more. Stick around. Right here.




Alright, let’s get going. Boy, big news in the internet here last week with a major outage over at Amazon. We also had, of course what, last week? That’s right. We had cloud bleed which was another internet provider, Cloudflare. So let me see, we’ve got Amazon with its S3, which is this disk services. And without the disk services, most of the stuff that people are trying to do in business, in their computing cloud isn’t gonna work. So, we had that. And then we had, what, about 3, 4 months ago, we had Dyn, who was under attack in Manchester, New Hampshire. So, pretty much here over the last few months, we’ve had every major website on the internet wiped out.


So what are we gonna do about it?  What can we do about it, right? I run a, you know, a small medium-sized business. I have employees and customers all over the world. And what am I supposed to do here, right? What can I do? I think the bottom line is that there’s not much you can do. The internet is run by a few big companies frankly, right? We mentioned Amazon, they are the 800 pound gorilla. They run so much of the internet out there. So, that’s one of the companies. We also have a few other smaller ones. Microsoft, much smaller, with their Azure Cloud. IBM has their own cloud. There’s a few of them. But now with the latest technologies, for instance, some of the stuff we started messing around with different types of containers using Docker and some other neat technologies. We have the ability to not just rely on a single vendor, like in Amazon. We can, if we have a critical application, make sure it’s designed to use Amazon and also use maybe the IBM cloud. IBM has a very reliable cloud for business out there. And I should mention that we represent IBM, full disclosure, that we sell their cloud, we sell their security services and things. But you can have multiples now. You can pull the Azure cloud in there. And depending on what you’re using, you know Docker isn’t available everywhere. But there are a lot of cloud providers that can give you the CPU, give you the bandwidth that you need.


So if you do it that way, you’re safer. I think the big question for me anyways is why are these companies not doing that? I don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense to be so dependent on one vendor. Right? If I had a trucking company, I wouldn’t have all one model truck. I wouldn’t all, you know, all… or just one truck that’s made a single year. We talked last year another problem which was Intel. Major Intel, I mean, major. I can’t believe that how many things hit in one week. Major problem with Intel. And their CPU. A particular whole family of Atom CPUs that is causing just a panic amongst hardware manufacturers. From Cisco through Juniper systems. Dell, all the way through HP, Supermicro. Basically you name it. There are major problems out there.


So why do they rely on just one? Something I don’t understand. I’ve got UNIX machines. I have… in within UNIX we were even broken down. We have some free BSD machines. Some Linux machines. I know that they can be attacked. I know there can be certain types of failures. So we try and spread it out a little bit. Right? We have Macs. We have Windows. Again, spread it out a little bit. So I don’t get it. I don’t know. Maybe they’re just saying it’s just not worth the extra money. What would it cost for us to be down for half a day or day, which is probably all Amazon web services would ever be down for? And how much would it cost to make us be more redundant?


Now I gotta say that the more redundant cost is going down substantially because of things like Docker. And many of the others out there. Even proprietary things like what VMware has with the SXI allowing you to move your computing power from one node to another. From one cloud to another. So, I think as time goes on, these sort of major outages we’ve seen over the last few months just aren’t going to appear anymore because the cost of making sure you stay up is going to be a lot lower than the cost of not making sure you stay up.


Alright. I mentioned the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 10, kinda depends on what it is you’re looking to call it right? I’ve heard it called both. It’s really… I call it the iPhone 8 because it’s the next iPhone that seems to be what Apple is going to call it. Of course we don’t know until it’s almost out here. But there’s been a couple of unexpected rumor claims out there. One of them from our friends over at the Wall Street Journal. And they have been very accurate in the past. First report is that Apple’s iPhones are going to have a new type of screen. Up until now, they have had a fixed LED screen. It looks like now they’re going to change it. They’re going to use OLED, O-L-E-D, which is an organic light-emitting diode. It is phenomenal technology. Better blacks, brighter colors. Should be really, really cool.


So that’s a change. And it’s also flexible. And the rumor is that the iPhone won’t be as square as it is right now. It’ll actually be very rounded on the display at the sides. So, there you go. Another one is it’s gonna have new A11 processors. So it’ll be very fast. It’s gonna have wireless charging, thank goodness. I loved that on my Palms way back when. It’s gonna have a new biometric technology. Maybe an iris scanner. We’ve heard rumors as well that the whole screen will be able to read fingerprints. It’s going to increase the amount of storage on it. Up to 256 gig at the maximum size. So that’s all pretty good. Apparently, they’re still going to not have a headphone jack. I don’t get that. And I was surprised when the iPhone came out that they went with such a large jack. Also the vendors at the time were an even smaller jack and as the iPhone gets smaller, of course they need that room so the smaller jack would have been a smart move for them way back when. But they did away with a headphone jack and so now you can use a lightning connector. But guess what? Rumor is no more lightning connector. And this is from the Wall Street Journal. They are claiming that their sources are telling them that the new iPhone’s gonna have a USB C port for power and peripheral devices. Now that is kind cool because USB C ports are an industry standard. They can carry a lot of power. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to use external storage on our iPhones when that comes out. I think that will be very cool. Although that would be a design change in the iPhone and the way applications work on there.


So, they’ve been known… Apple has been known to make some big changes in the past that many people had criticized including getting rid of that 30-pin jack and for the last 5 years, lightning connector. And then getting rid of the headphone jack here in the iPhone 7 that launched last year. So who knows? Maybe we will get this wonderful new USB C connector. They’ve certainly been adding it to their MacBook Pros so it wouldn’t surprise me. And other manufacturers are using USB C for their high end smart phones like Samsung is and many others. So it would make some sense but at the same time, since when does Apple follow industry standards? Since when did Apple follow the trends, right? And I guess that’s kind of a big question out there. So bated breath, we will see what comes out in that new iPhone 8. I’m sticking with my iPhone 6 until that 8 is out and I know what it’s like and I can see if it’s worth buying them. By the way, when the 8 comes out, there’s still be iPhone 7s available. And you’ll be able to get them for a really good price. So keep that in mind as well.


Check us out online. There is a lot of information. If you still haven’t updated your passwords, I’ve got some good information password managers as well at my site,, and you’ll find us now all over the place at iTunes, at You’ll find us on TuneIn, on Soundcloud, on iHeart. We’re just kinda all over the place now. Hope you have a great day. We will be back tomorrow with another TechSanity check. Thanks for listening. Bye bye.


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