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Online Attacks on Infrastructure Are Increasing at a Worrying Pace

Over the last four years, foreign hackers have stolen source code and blueprints to the oil and water pipelines and power grid of the United States and have infiltrated the Department of Energy’s networks 150 times.

“They could, for example, derail passenger trains or, even more dangerous, derail trains loaded with lethal chemicals,” former Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta warned in 2012. “They could contaminate the water supply in major cities, or shut down the power grid across large parts of the country.”

It is getting harder to write off such predictions as fearmongering. The number of attacks against industrial control systems more than doubled to 675,186 in January 2014 from 163,228 in January 2013, according to Dell Security — most of those in the United States, Britain and Finland.


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USB Killer 2.0: A Harmless-Looking USB Stick That Destroys Computers

Plugging in random USB sticks in your computer has never been more dangerous. USB Killer 2.0.

When plugged into a computer, the deadly USB draws power from the device itself. With the help of a voltage converter the device’s capacitors are charged to 220V, and it releases a negative electric surge into the USB port.

This surge “fries” the USB port and, in the researcher’s demonstration, the motherboard – perhaps not always after the first surge, but the malicious USB device repeats the process until no more power can be drawn.

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Even If You Don’t “Live” On the Internet

It took the hackers less than two hours to take over Patsy Walsh’s life. Mrs. Walsh did not consider herself a digital person. As far as she knew, her home was not equipped with any “smart devices,” physical objects like refrigerators and thermometers that transmit information to the Internet. Sure, she has a Facebook account, which she uses to keep up on friends’ lives, but rarely does she post about her own.

Within minutes, they had not only broken into Mrs. Walsh’s email account, but also that of her daughter — who at some point had allowed the computer’s browser to auto-fill her password.  Over an hour and a half, they discovered a way to open the Walshes’ garage door. They also found a way to intercept Mrs. Walsh’s television. A service worker had not installed her DirecTV securely, with a password, which meant anyone with knowledge of the device’s I.P. address could control the television remotely.

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