This Ultra-Secure PC Self Destructs if Someone Messes With It

A dedicated hacker can pwn your PC in seconds. The ORWL? Not so much. It looks like the offspring of a Mac Mini and a flying saucer, and it’s nearly impervious to the probing eyes—and code—of data snoops, botnet admins, or the Thought Police. Sure, the 6-inch puck rocks crafty encryption. And for the paranoid, one of the software options is the security-first Qubes OS. But it’s physically guarded too: It can be accessed only with your password plus your NFC key fob. If you roam out of Bluetooth range, the ORWL locks itself. Plus, an accelerometer shuts down the machine if it’s moved while you’re gone. As a fail-safe, the motherboard is enclosed in a mesh sleeve that can’t be unscrewed, cracked, or even bored through, thanks to a circuit lining the interior that shatters at the touch of a drill bit.

The moment that barrier is breached, all your data is zapped—along with the hopes of your attacker.

Cost: $1,699 and up