US is Losing its Technology Edge



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Airing date: 04/10/2017

US is Losing its Technology Edge


Craig Peterson: I’m going to have to get back into this whole WikiLeaks report. Huge, huge, huge thing again. Guess what? Some of the CIA’s tools that came out in that WikiLeaks leak have now shown up in the wild. That means the bad guys are using them now. The bad guys are out there using the tools our CIA made to hack people. Now what did I say before? I’ve said this for years. Hey listen. We don’t want a back door in our systems because ultimately the bad guys will find the back door and they’ll be able to get in even if they have to steal it. Well they stole it. Well, we’ll talk about that another day.


Right now let’s focus in on this report that came a couple weeks back and that is that Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, you know that whole Bay Area out there around San Francisco, is no longer number one in the world for startup talent. Isn’t that amazing? My son, my eldest son is out there right now taking some courses here. Advanced courses on some of the Cisco stuff that we needed. Some more certification on here. You probably know I’m the largest installing reseller of Cisco and Meraki equipment in the Northeast. We’ve been that quarter after quarter. So we’ve got to keep all of our certifications up for that. But he’s out there. He’s at a crappy hotel. It’s costing him 300 bucks a night. I mean crappy. The elevator doesn’t work. He’s on the third floor. But you know what does work is the Wi-Fi, right? They have great Wi-Fi. But it just doesn’t work and he was talking to one of the people who was helping out with the course and they have to drive three hours each way to get to work. To get to and from work. And that’s in order to have a place that they can afford because a small zero bedroom studio apartment in that area, I mean small. It was like 300 square feet he was saying, is $3000. It is absolutely crazy here. You know, the Mark Zuckerbergs, Elon Musks of the world have really changed. Of course HP was kind of the first big company out there years and years ago. But it it’s bad here.

So let’s look at this report, performance report. Now Silicon Valley, of course, was known for a long time, is number one, right? They been number one forever and ever and they’re still right up there. But when you start looking at the growth index is when things get kinda bad here. So on number two, New York City. Who’d have thought, eh? I’ve had a couple clients that were startups down in New York that were pretty well-funded by some New York VC firms. And so from that aspect it makes sense, right? And keep them on your nose. Number three here, moving up three positions, London. London, England. Beijing. Brand new on the list. It wasn’t even on the list before. It is now number four. Boston’s number five. It dropped down. Beijing took its place. Tel Aviv, Israel’s number six. Berlin, seven. Shanghai, eight. Los Angeles, nine. By the way they dropped six places and they’re going to continue to drop by looks of things. Seattle’s, 10, drop two places. Paris, number 11. That’s what they were last year. Singapore, down two to number 12. Austin, Texas. Now we know about South by Southwest. I’ve never gone. I registered once or twice but never ended up going. It’s a big kind of tech conference nowadays. It’s not so much tech. It was originally more for performing artists and things but now you see a lot of tech there. Austin, Texas, number 13. Stockholm, 14. Vancouver, BC, 15. Toronto, 16. By the way, Vancouver moved up three slots. Sydney, Australia dropped. Chicago’s number 18. It dropped 11 slots here. Amsterdam remains at number 19. Number 20, Bangalore. Now that’s kinda interesting too because for a long time we were worried that India was going overtake us when it came up to the startups here. In the whole ecosystem for startups. Now remember, that’s what this is considering. Not just the companies but can you get the employees? Can you find housing for them? You’ve got to consider everything when you’re talking about startups because it’s a huge thing.

So you can find this report online. We’ll have to put a little link to it. Http:// And you can sign up there to get a copy of their Global Startup Ecosystem Report for 2017. But it’s really kind of interesting. They looked at 10,000 startups and they’d looked at some of these data points on ecosystem success factors and really come up with some great insights into the global startup world. So do have a look at it. We have, of course, a link to that in our podcast so you will be able to find it right there.

Now, I want to, obviously, talk a lot more about what has happened with WikiLeaks here recently. But I’m not going to be able to get to it today. I’ve got to do some more research as I’m setting up in Phoenix right now and I’ve I read a couple articles on it. But you know me. I gotta dig into it and get a whole lot more information for everybody. So, kind of a short one today but tomorrow we will be back. And I will talk tomorrow a little bit about your browser and your browser history and a lot of people thinking they should get on VPNs because of Donald Trump. And boy, he’s changing the rules of the FCC. They’re going to be selling our information. So we’ll get into the truth about that on tomorrow’s podcast. Make sure you visit online, I had a major problem at my house, right? You know, I’ve been doing internet work since 1981. We have two data centers in New Hampshire and we have automatic failover were using VMware stuff with some great HP and Cisco hardware mail blade servers and it fails back and forth between the two different sites and it’s backed up offsite remote and everything. It’s just wonderful stuff.

Now, the cobbler, right? What about his kids? Do they have any shoes? You know where I’m going, right? I have to apologize because I’ve been opening myself up and just saying hey, listen. If you have any questions, email That’s just me, M-E. And a lot of people took advantage of that and I responded individually to everybody except for the people whose emails got stuck in the machine. We had crazy flooding at my house. Crazy flooding.  We just haven’t had that before. And so guess whose computer was running the email? Yes it was mine. And guess what? I’m the cobbler, right? So my kids, my domain doesn’t get the respect that my clients’ domains do. So it got knocked off the air. And guess who’s back up had missed one file locally? So yeah, yeah it was mine. We ended up… and where am I? I’m out in Phoenix right now. So I was able to pull up a slightly older back up off of our backup server in the data center because I did have the backup. It was just that one time, that one file. And so I’ve restored it all. My email’s running, working again. You can email So after I get back, I’m going to take the time and respond to everyone who was sitting in the queue that I may not of gotten back to. I saw one come in last night, in fact, on my webpage. Someone filled out a web form with the kind of a big question. It went on for a couple hundred words, but anyways. I’ll be getting back to all of you guys here within the week. I appreciate it. And as always, if you have any questions, just go ahead and send them to Hey have a great day. We’ll talk tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay, CA is the home for most startup companies, is no longer number one in the world for startup talent. The 150-page report is based on a 10,000 startups and 300 partner companies.

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