Utah parents warn of terrifying ‘virtual kidnapping’ scam

The other day my husband received a call from an Unknown number. The caller told him he had to pay him as much cash as he could if he wanted to see his daughter alive again. Her mom and I rushed to her school to make sure she was safe and thank god she was! This is unfortunately a scam out of Mexico; it's called a virtual kidnapping. They pretend to have kidnapped one of your loved ones and then make you wire them money. It is a scam!! Please if you ever get a call like this please take it seriously because you never know but don't send anyone money without knowing for a fact they have your loved one. Today they called my husband yet again and I was able to record part of the call. Please share this so that people can be aware of this hoax. Jeff Weber Christi Hopper

Posted by LeeAnn Weber on Saturday, April 22, 2017
OGDEN, Utah — An Ogden mother and father have a serious warning for parents everywhere: beware of a scam called “virtual kidnapping.”

Last Wednesday, father Jeff Weber was at work driving his work vehicle, a haz-mat truck, when his cellphone rang from an unknown number. He did not answer. But then it rang again, the same unknown number. He answered it.

“I heard a young girl crying saying ‘daddy, daddy I’m scared,’ then the kid voice went away and a man came on and told me he kidnapped my daughter and if I ever wanted to see her again I would not tell anybody or hang up,” explained Weber. “The guy sounded serious.”