Windows Bug Creates Huge Security Hole

Microsoft’s latest bug has caused it to do something rare — it’s releasing a patch out-of-cycle. Due to a large amount of bad press Microsoft had received due to dozens and dozens of bug fixes being released over a short period of time, Microsoft decided that they needed to slow things down a bit. The easiest way to gate the appearance of having a problem is to have fewer bug fix releases. If there are fewer patches being released, there must be fewer bugs, right?


Instead of fixing the root cause of their security problems, Microsoft decided that they would just release patches once a month — even when there were pressing security issues. This monthly patch cycle gives the impression to users that there are fewer problems. Hence, their regular monthly patches, and the reason why this patch is such a big deal.

If you are using Microsoft’s auto update feature, you’ll find that there’s a patch sitting there for you to fix a major problem with their handling of certain types of graphics. This particular bug is currently being exploited by organized crime and hackers world-wide.

Make sure you download this update and install it now. This is a very real problem, and a huge concern to business and home users alike. If you don’t use their auto update procedures, you can visit the Microsoft Security Advisory to grab a copy.

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