Shadow-IT: Employees putting Business at Risk

There are robust computers in every employee’s possession.  And they carry them everywhere. Yes, I am talking about their cellphones.  On these devices, they can download 1000’s of apps. These apps allow them to create accounts that are external to your business.   Employees may just want to use an app to make their job easier or the project go faster. Malicious or not it creates a huge security risk for your business.

No matter how much you spend on cybersecurity locking down internal accounts, logins, passwords to make sure that your systems are secure and protected, a rogue app can undo it all.  Some of these apps make sense but they need to be installed correctly and pushed out to the devices with the proper security configurations. These popular business Software-as-a-Service apps include Grammarly, Amazon shopping, Uber, Constant Contact to name a few.  Commercial licenses are available for corporate use and can be installed on devices and adhere to your corporate cybersecurity access policies.