Motorola Xoom Android Tablet Flopping in the Market

I’ve got an Android Tablet and an Android Phone.  I love them both.  Very easy to use, lots of great software (much of it free) and the flexibility that comes from now having Apple breathing down my neck. But there are some Android bumps out there.

Motorola is reporting in its latest quarterly statement that its Xoom Tablet is not keeping its traction going.  Apple’s iOSiPad numbers keep on trucking forward, so is it Android Tablets that are having trouble, or just the Xoom?

The Xoom has had some great reviews and wonderful ratings from most of its users, but the problem isn’t the Xoom.  I’d love to have one.  Same thing with HP’s newest Palm WebOS tablet.

The bottom-line?

Tablets are dead or dieing.  Sure there’ll be more tablets sold, but at a price-point of about $600 to $800 it’s a big toy that most people just can’t afford.  And Apple’s success?  Blame it on incredible marketing.  They’ve been able to establish their brand as the “must-have” brand among people who use the newest gadget as some sort of status symbol — just like Toyota’s Prius.  A nice piece of technology, but it just isn’t worth the money.

Sure, lots of people are blaming the fact that the Xoom seems like it was rushed to market, it’s kind of big and doesn’t have some of the features they’re looking for, yet it has more features than the iPad.  It’s plenty fast and the coming update will likely have the newest LTE technology built-in which will make it the fastest Internet on the market.

Tablets will continue to hold a nice niche in the market, but don’t expect any sort of exponential growth unless there’s a new killer App out for them.  But don’t expect Angry Birds to build an empire.