Sony’s New S1 and S2 Android Tablets

Codenamed the “S1″ and “S2″ for now, Sony’s two unreleased Android tablets depart from the usual square, flat slabs we’ve seen so far in 2011. Instead, the S2 design comes as a dual-screen, clamshell device, while the S1 is similar to many current tablets with one significant deviation — its funky, wedge-shaped form factor, which tapers from one end to the other.  Even though they’re a newbein the android marketplace, Sony’s hoping that they can compete directly with the Motorola Xoom and hundreds of other Android tablets from ever major computer vendor out there right now.

The S2 device is probably the most interesting.  It can display full-color graphics on its five inch screen, and fold in half to fit into your pocket or purse quite easily.  Its “flip” format makes it a bit of a flash-back to Star Trek communicators or Motorola‘s flip-phone, and using the bottom-half of the screen for a keyboard makes quite a bit of sense.  It is a bit too small, however, for slightly older eyes to be able to use it readily for web browsing or emailing.

Good luck to Sony as they try to avoid being another “also-ran” in the already crowded Android tablet space — even though their devices’ physical format try to be different.