“Making It All Work Together”

First things first… welcome to our Concierge page. You’re going to want to bookmark this page because it’s where I’ll be posting all the latest info and sharing all kinds of goodies during the Masterclass. I’ll be posting videos, tips and other important information here over the next week. You’ll want to check back daily.

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IMPORTANT: Mark your calendar for Thursday, February 14th at 3pm ET. That’s when I’ll be live with your second lesson in Cybersecurity Training. It’ll be right here on this page, so don’t forget to add it to your bookmarks. I’ll send you an email reminder before we go live, too.

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[REPLAY] “Expert CyberSecurity D-I-Y Secrets” Webinar

I was able to answer dozens of your questions about CyberSecurity for your business, and I’ve had a lot of great feedback.

You’ll find the answers in the [Replay Video]

  • James asked: “How to restore after ransomware attack?
  • Nancy asked: “How to keep my customer’s websites secure. Seems too technical
  • Di said: “Always intimidated to pick the best products
  • Joan asked: “What online backup do you suggest for a mac? (I’ve got the first 2 backups covered)

PART 3: “3-2-1: The Proper Way to Do Backups”

PART 2: “Using Built-In Firewalls to Protect Your Computer”

PART 1: “Using and Securing WiFi Networks”

Welcome to the “Making It All Work Together” Series

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  1. Maria

    These are great videos! Already registered for the webinar.


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UpComing Events

Part 1: Feb-11, Monday:
“Using and Securing Your WiFi Networks”

  • Who is attacking you and why it may not be who you think (03:05)
  • How to secure your business safe yourself – affordably (07:54)
  • Learn the exact plan I follow to secure all my clients (17:31)

Part 2: Feb-12, Tuesday:
“Using Built-In Firewalls to Protect Your Computer”

  • Addresses and Ports – How can they make you safe? (07:23)
  • What are the most common services I need to watch? (08:20)
  • How can a Firewall help or hurt me? (09:40)
  • I have a firewall/router. Do I need another one? (11:28)
  • How can a firewall be used against me? (12:30)
  • When shouldn’t I use a Firewall? (15:55)
  • Step-by-step Free Firewall for Windows (16:35)
  • Step-by-step Free Firewall for Mac (24:20)
  • What If “They” Still Get In? (30:20)

Part 3: Feb-13, Wednesday:
“3-2-1: The Proper Way to Do Backups”

  • What is really the best way to create passwords? (04:35)
  • What is 3-2-1 Backup? (11:10)
  • The Biggest Secret to Backups? (21:00)

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