Social Engineering Comes to the Forefront of Attacks

We depend on our smart devices and use them as a primary communication tool. Studies found that young adult users send over 2000 texts per month and receive over 1800 with that volume people are less wary, and it is no wonder that Smishing has gained such a strong foothold. Smishing is a social engineering tactic that cybercriminals are using to trick you into giving them your sensitive information via a text or SMS message. Usually, this comes as a text message purporting to be from your bank that asks you to provide some personal or financial information. Now there are advanced forms of the smishing attacks that download a virus or Trojan to your device. All you need to do is click one of those links, and hackers will have access to your phone. Many times these texts are crafted to create urgency by appealing to your emotions to bypass your defenses and get you to “click.” Android devices remain the prime target for malware—simply because of their popularity and the fact that the platform offers greater flexibility for customers. However, many are seriously out of date, which allows for a fertile playground for cybercriminals! However, no mobile operating system can by itself protect you from phishing-style attacks. Be aware – that most urgent security alerts and you-must-act-now coupon redemptions, offers, or deals are almost always warning signs of a hacking attempt.

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