Insecurity Strike Again – Major MSP Hack


Hackers breached the infrastructure of PCM Inc., one of the major U.S.-based cloud solution provider. According to the popular investigator Brian Krebs, the attackers gained access to email and file sharing systems for some of the company clients.

In 2018 PCM generated roughly $2.2 billion in revenue with more than 2,000 customers.

“Sources say PCM discovered the intrusion in mid-May 2019. Those sources say the attackers stole administrative credentials that PCM uses to manage client accounts within Office 365, a cloud-based file and email sharing service run by Microsoft Corp.” reported Krebs.

The attack appears to be financially motivated, attackers appeared primarily interested in stealing data that could be used in gift card fraud scheme.

Krebs speculates that intruders could be the same that hacked the Indian IT outsourcing giant Wipro Ltd. this year. According to RiskIQ, the group that hacked Wipro has been active since at least 2016, it was focused on targeting gift card providers.