Nation-State Cybertheft May Cause US Aerospace Downfall


Our government leaders have known for years about the industrial espionage conducted by China. It is at the expense of our American companies. They know of China’s goal to develop a colossal aerospace industry that can go head to head with our own US companies. But to do that they have to steal our research and development so they can re-engineer our designs. Every week we hear of another hack or theft of corporate intellectual property by this unscrupulous nation-state. They import cyberthieves who use impersonation to get jobs in companies where they can access the information they have been chosen to collect. President Trump is trying to slow them down. He is restricting the number of visas, where those with work or study visas can attend a school or get jobs and putting into place protections for American companies who are manufacturing in China. It will slow things down by, but they are determined, and we have to beware.