Can America Compete? US iPhone vs Chinese iPhone

We should be manufacturing the products we use in America. American companies can compete with China and it actually would not be that much more expensive.  For years we have heard about the Global supply chain but when we got hit with this pandemic we saw first hand how vulnerable that supply chain was and how a single country could manipulate our economy.  The Coronavirus pandemic has revealed the importance of bringing critical sector manufacturing back to the US mainland.  Using unfair trade practices, sweatshop labor, massive government subsidies and lax environmental regulations is what allowed China to dominate the global supply chain. It is past time that we begin to manufacture and reduce dependence on China for all drugs and medical products and other critical sector components and products. . It will require a streamliing all the regulations currently required of American made products (but not of China) and creating more informative labels for any thing manufactured or assembled off shore.  While not a critical sector, the Apple does make technology we use daily. If Apple were to make it in the US using US components it would only increase the price by $100 per phone.  All in all it makes good sense to bring it all home.


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