Monitoring Your Logs Can Prevent Business Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware gangs using some sophisticated tactics are able to break into company networks and look around for days and even weeks at a time before, exfiltrating extensive amounts of information without being noticed and before launching an attack.  If companies were adequately secured and monitoring their systems they could detect them before any damage was done. However, most businesses are ill-prepared to monitor information collected and logged by the systems they put in place. Monitoring can be a full-time job.  When security researchers analyzed data looking for trends from ransomware attacks they found information that surprised them and that could allow businesses to get a leg up on these cybercriminals. They found discovered their intrusion tactics, that the average time that these hackers were in the system and the time of day that the ransomware was deployed.  Why do they wait? They can make more money.


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