Security – Knowing What You Have Is Essential


One of the most important things that a business can do to reduce their cybersecurity risk is to know what assets they have, where those assets are, who has access to those assets, how those assets are accessed. Business assets today are a complex environment that is not just physical hardware but also digital data, programs, and applications, including R&D, M&A documents, source code, and customer contracts. Without a full inventory of your assets, you cannot possibly be able to secure and protect them. You have to know what must be protected and from whom to protect it. For each type of data, the value perception between different business functions can be markedly different. For many companies, security and defense of business data falls to the IT department – but do they have the vitally-important context required to understand the real value of that data and understand the different risks and what is needed to protect it. Businesses need to consider taking a more strategic and to identifying and securing its critical data

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