It’s Back to College this Weekend on Tech Talk With Craig Peterson

Join us this Sunday from 4 to 7pm on WGIR and WQSO as we discuss back-to-college technologies.  We’ll be discussing and answering questions about all the technologies everyone needs for going to college.

Our guests include:

  • Jeff Sherwood of who will discuss how to get the best price for college text books — if you’re buying or selling.
  • Karen Sohl of Home.Cisco.Com will talk about bringing your own WiFi router to school for your college dorm room.
  • Tysun McKay of Texas Instruments will talk about their latest calculators, the TI nSpire cx at
  • Jerry Cimadomo of will discuss their full line of electronic dictionaries and language learning.
  • Andrew Hemingway will talk about the first-ever Presidential Twitter Debate at
  • Evan Jones of will talk about a new service which allows Parents, Family and Friends to be able to provide money via credit cards to students at school.
  • Kevin Johnson of will talk about online coupons and rebates that work for college students and everyday life.
  • Alan Pugh of will give some buying tips for computers and more for college.
  • Clieff Wener of will talk about how to save money on phone calls to and from kids at school by using a second phone number on any cell phone.
  • Gordon Freedman will be our last guest talking about the new features at and what new students can expect to find at BlackBoard.

What are the best and newest technologies for college or just improvements in the old stuff?

  • Calculators
  • Computers
  • Note-Taking
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Peer-to-peer problems (copyright infringement)
  • Writing Papers
  • Plagerism & Cheating
  • Reading Books
  • Studying
  • Dorm Life