is Recommended as the Best Way to Learn New Skills Online

We all need to keep up-to-date with technology.  It’s a constant learning game. I went online to the vendor of the software I was using, and didn’t find anything near what I needed.  What I did find was surprising. If you can’t get the skills you need from the vendor of the software you’re using, how can you get the skills?

Learning how to use software, how to manage people, basically any new skill isn’t made much easier by Google.   Being in the online media world, I decided that I needed to start making better quality videos to help promote the show and our guests. I found a few free web sites that had some great information on the software I wanted to use, but none of them really showed me what I needed to know — even the software vendor (Apple, in this case).

What I did find was  I like the way they were teaching everyone from Elementary school kids through College-level courses; from programming languages to using software; and even Entrepreneurial skills and general business skills.  So…

I invited onto the radio show.  It was a show about back-to-school and using the Internet to help with school.  What I learned has changed the way I’m learning new skills myself.  (You can listen to the interview here.) decided to help sponsor the show online.  I don’t endorse companies whose products aren’t up-to-snuff, or just aren’t going to be useful., however, is exactly the kind of company that everyone should check out.

It’s way less expensive than you might think, and it’s going to change the way you learn online.  Check them out yourself.