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Have you heard of a unique program, which encourages young women to pursue a career in Engineering, Science, Mathematics and Technology?

Dr. Nancy Savage has been spreading the word of just such a program for quite some time. She runs a one-week long residential summer STEM program at University of New Haven.

About STEM Program:

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is a one-week long residential summer program for young girls aged 10 -15. It is being offered by offered by Tagliatela College of Engineering at the University of New Haven (CT).

Students learn different aspects of engineering, science, maths and technology by involving in intensive activities during these period.

It focuses on children who are enthusiastic and passionate on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

At this camp students learn in a university environment and work together in teams with a UNH faculty or staff member on DNA analysis (faculty from Henry Lee Institute); robotics and—new this year—CAD drawing, nanot echnology.

She points out that there is a real need for encouraging young women to pursue the STEM path. “In most STEM fields, there are far fewer women than men and until there is a balance it is important to encourage young women to consider these fields.” According to American Associate of University of Women, 2004 , current ratio of men engineers vs. women engineers is 5:1. She feels that there is a lack of women engineers and spotted a need to mould women in this field. She involves them in science and technology so that they can pursue and become role models.

Noting that women bring different skill sets to any “non-traditional” field, she adds, “Science and engineering disciplines need women, with their experiences, interests and ideas, to help bring about future discoveries and innovations.” This camp is open to those girls who rank in the top half of their class.

As to her own career in science, Savage credits her own youthful experience in part, which included a good deal of encouragement from her high-school chemistry teacher and winning a “Golden Test Tube Award.”

Currently the program conducts in August and of residential nature. Children live and learn together during this summer program. Scholarships are also available for some students but it depends on criteria.

More details about scholarships, fee, date, are available at the site.

It’s worth attending STEM program and become a role model in your own area.

Dr. Nancy Savage
Assistant Professor Director, Summer Institute for Young Women.
Dr. Nancy Savage – A biography

Dr. Nancy Savage
is a teacher, researcher, writer and an expert in chemical technology. She also holds membership in various chemical associations. She is the course faculty in Chemical engineering at University of New Haven.

Nancy has expertise in the following areas:

  • Sol-gel metal oxide synthesis
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy and Xray Diffraction analysis of materials
  • Electrical behavior of materials in response to gas molecules

Currently, Savage is developing composites of semi conducting metal oxides and conducting polymers, investigating their behavior as chemical sensors for future application in an electronic nose.
Nancy has published various articles, books and done a lot of research. More detailed information of Dr. Nancy Savage’s her work is available at

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