eMail Stress Level Fixed at 50 Per Day

eMail was very handy when I first started using it in 1981.  Back then you only got eMail that really mattered and you were happy to get it.

We wern’t getting bills from the utility companies, bounce notifications from the bank or SPAM from thousands of Nigerian Princess who can’t get their jiggy on.

And it’s still become worse.

Harris Interactive‘s study of eMail stress levels shows that almost everyone thinks that 50 eMails per day is their limit — at the office, home or now on-the-road with our great new smartphones.  (Expect to see suits filed by lawyers for their clients whose work stress of having to deal with eMails is going to kill them all…)

I have to agree that 50 eMails a day is a little much.  My SPAM filters block an average of 3,000 messages per day and a couple of hundred get through.  Uggh.

Maybe my stress isn’t caused by the Wife and Kids after all?