Augmented Reality Providing Virtual Concerts?

The next step in the future of augmented reality (AR) is close by.  We’ve seen three dimensional avatars in Science Fiction movies for decades and there are a few which are being used to provide instructions to passengers in air ports.  Now String, in partnership with tech firm Digicave, has created technology which allows 3-dimensional projections to appear right in front of you.  It maps 3D figures onto walls or furniture in your room.

This newest incarnation of AR holds the promise of having performance artists and ultimately even TV shows to appear right in front of you in real-life 3D.

“I think what we’re delivering here is a unique experience that no-one has ever seen before,” says String’s CEO Alan Maxwell.

“For example, we can capture a live performance from an artist on stage… and deliver that performance to people’s devices wherever they are in the world and they simply have to hold their device at a marker. I think there is a certain amount of value in that.”