Sex and Gambling Pushing the Boundaries of Smart Phones

For more than two decades the Sex and Gambling industries have lead the way for business on the Internet.  They’ve pioneered online payment systemsstreaming video and interactive sessions years before other industries even stuck their toes into the water.  Now, they’re setting their sights onto the Smart Phone market — a smart move that is being pioneered by others this time.

Online gambling company Belfair’s CTO, Tony McAllister, says that mobile is changing the way they’re doing business.  This from a company which a decade ago introduced peer-to-peerbetting, has built a base of more than 3 million customers, provides services in 17 different languages and has more than 2,000 employees.

Mobile applications allows a much more personal experience, which is usually with the user 24×7.  Add to that the ability to compete with other users on the site, and Belfair is looking at a very rewarding future.