Tencent: The biggest name in Entertainment

Tencent is a Chinese entertainment conglomerate who buys up every type of entertainment they can. These entertainments include movies, video games, music, comic books and even technology including messaging services that have a user base of 1 billion people. They are also into ecommerce, AI and internet-related products and even own an electric car company, a bank and a venture captial firm.  All these investments and multitude of revenue streams have made them an extremely influential player. Tencent companies facilitate Chinese government censorship and surveillance through pattern of censorship and data-sharing with China’s repressive government. Tencents very survival depends on dutiful adherence to Communist Party directives. There is now evidence that politicized censorship and surveillance is now affecting Tencent users outside China. Investors in Tencent should consider the moral and political implications partnerships with the firm and if you are concerned about human rights, electoral interference by foreign powers or privacy violations by them should divest from the firm, including retirement funds and remove Tencent from their portfolios.