Ocean and Automotive Technology – Power From the Waves, Tides and Keeping Your Family Safe on the Road

A bit of a hoge-podge on this weekend’s show.  We’re covering a half dozen different Ocean-related technologies, some automotive technologies and a quick SEO interview.

Mark Phillips the COO at SeaSite a cruise portal dedicated to the meetings and events market. Cruising is ideal for business meetings and incentive trips because it offers greater value than a traditional land-based venue (providing savings of up to 40%) — all-inclusive dining and entertainment, state-of-the-art meeting facilities and function rooms, as well as the allure of travel to exotic destinations. Seasite.com is the first and only online cruise meeting planning tool that allows planners to submit an RFP online directly to the cruise lines to secure a competitive bid.

Gordon Roesler a Physicist from USC who studies the conversion of ocean wave to energy. He is working on how to integrate renewable sources of energy into the nation’s electric grid, as well as other challenges in keeping our growing, aging electric system reliable and secure.  Ocean waves are another source of non-polluting, renewable energy like wind and solar.  However, like everything the government controls, their regulations governing wave energy are in chaos, which is holding back the development of this important resource.

Roger Bason the President of Natural Currents Energy Services a leading U.S.-based green technology company producing revolutionary systems for emerging renewable energy markets with a primary focus on ocean tidal power generation. The company designs, manufactures and installs innovative hydro-turbine and wind-powered equipment that produces electricity from the movements of tides and water currents found in rivers, canals and industrial flows, as well as from the wind. With its proprietary technology, unmatched tidal project expertise, existing commercial hydro products and exclusive rights to an extensive portfolio of ocean tidal projects, Natural Currents Energy Services is positioned as one of the leading tidal energy companies addressing coastline tidal power generation opportunities.

Steve Williams the Chief Operating Officer at Itellicheck Mobilisa the maker of Intelligent Buoys that communicate wirelessly officially called the Littoral Sensor Grid (LSG) project is a buoy system that is capable of collecting environmental and security data and uses IDN’s Wireless Over Water (WOW) technology to transmit that data to a centralized section – called the shore Network Operations Center (NOC) for dissemination. The wireless buoys provide a high-capacity communications network grid to provide real-time monitoring for marine environments including sensors for both homeland security and
environmental purposes.  They are capable of detecting materials above, on or below the surface of the water, and can measure water temperature, pH balance, turbidity etc.

Craig McLean the Acting Administrator of Oceanic Reseach at NOAA. They are increasing Increasing our scientific knowledge and understanding about the ocean, including its Earth and atmospheric boundaries, its poorly known or unknown living and non-living resources, and its oceanic processes and identify how the ocean is changing in response to natural and anthropogenic changes in our planet. NOAA uses sensor technologies to analyze the ocean environment by collecting data from and around the ocean.  Sensors such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD), buoys, sondes, and drifters can target specific ocean and environmental characteristics.  Other instruments (such as satellites)  provide generalized data from which a wide range of observations can be made. The information gathered from these instruments helps NOAA learn more about the Earth‘s oceans. Through the use of human occupied submersibles, scientists can be physically transported to great depths of the oceans, far beyond the physiological restrictions of wet diving on the human body.Submersibles owned by NOAA include the Pisces IV and V, two of only nine submersibles in the world that can dive to depths of more than 6,562 feet. Both carry a pilot and two scientists.

Dick Fischer the founder of Speedbump the App that helps your child become a better driver. Speedbump is a mobile phone app. that harnesses the power of mobile technology to combat teen driving fatalities and serious injuries by providing real-time feedback on driving performance. The Speedbump app. is integrated with our web based user portal and provides parents with a better sense of how their teenagers are driving.

Jen Funkhouser the CEO at CarCheckup allows you to get the information you need by Taking advantage of a little-known diagnostic function present in every automobile sold in America since 1996, On-Board Diagnostics Version 2 (OBD II), when combined with our patented technology, CarCheckup services will provide peace of mind by providing instant and reliable diagnosis of automotive problems and the ability for drivers to get detailed information on their driving performance.
Russ Rader the Director of Communications at the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries, and property damage that result from crashes on the nation’s roads. Our research focuses on three main areas: human factors, or preventing crashes by changing driver behavior; vehicle factors, or reducing deaths and injuries by improving vehicle design; and environmental factors, or changing roadway design, signs, and signals to reduce crashes.

Kal Gyimesi the Automotive Lead at IBM Institute for Business Value has technology that could make driving safer. With the ubiquity of telecommunications and the ability to process data so quickly, our cars are becoming even more like computers. IBM Watson (the computer that beat the jeopardy champs), with its ability to parse natural language, could eliminate these dangerous instances of “searching while driving” so there isn’t a need to change navigation destinations or look up information manually, for example. It could also help with service diagnostics for your car.

Erik Kretschmar the CEO at WebVideoArticles. WebVideoArticles specializes writing, recording, producing, and distributing out relevant keyword enhanced video & text articles.  All of our videos are distributed out to our exclusive network that includes YouTubeMetacafe, plus several niche industry specific websites.  Think of us as your VideoSEO experts!