You Don’t Have Much Time To Stop An Attack

How much time do you have to secure your systems from a zero-day infection? Would it surprise you to learn that it is less than 72 hours? It is true. Locking down your systems from new vulnerabilities is essential. But just as important is continuing to patch known vulnerabilities. For instance, when they attacked Equifax, the attackers used a known vulnerability that had been patched six months before their attack, but their technology department had not implemented it. Not only that, it took six full months before they knew that they had been breaches, and during this time, the hackers were moving through their systems and exfiltrating their data. Cybercriminals jump on these vulnerabilities and are 15 times faster at conducting attacks than businesses are to close the vulnerability. Does that scare you? It should. The most important thing you can do is lock down your systems and apply patches as soon as you find out about them or face catastrophic losses of data, which will, in most cases, cause you to shutter your business. 


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