Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Alicia Preston this morning who was sitting in for Jack Heath and we discussed some of the hacking that has been going on here using breached information that has been gathered.  We also discussed Elon Musks Neuralink implants and Russia and Chinese espionage.  Here we go with Alicia.

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] It’s estimated right now over 300 billion records. And so they’ve been taking all of those, put into them together, trying to find the matches and they have been finding matches and it turns out the out they found, Alicia Preston’s, and they sent Alicia an email, pretending it was from the aunt. Hi, Craig Peterson here.

I haven’t had that much fun in a while. I had a great little chat this morning. Alicia Preston sitting in for Mr. Jack Heath, and we talked about three or four different things, including a red flag here about being hacked and ransomware and a warning of the latest warning. In fact that I have been giving out this last week.

So here we go with Alicia.

Alisha Preston: [00:00:45] Good morning. Welcome back to New Hampshire today. Alicia Preston in for Jack Heath today. Joining us on the AutoFair listener line. We have Craig Peterson. He hosts Tech-Talk on the station over the weekends, and he’s going to tech talk with us now. How are you this morning?

Craig Peterson: [00:01:01] Doing well.

You brought back some memories this morning about talking when you were first a reporter and stuff, man, it’s been a while.

Alisha Preston: [00:01:09] I know, I forgot when I tell these stories that it points out that I’m old or ish.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:15] Hey, I got you beat. I say, yeah.

Alisha Preston: [00:01:19] Yeah.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:20] There’s a lot going on in the tech side this week and it’s interesting to look at it.

We all know Elon Musk, right? you’re familiar with, of course, the Tesla and Space X. he’s been doing something else too. He has another company that’s been tracked in the scientific community called neuralink, N E U R a link. And these are implants that he says are close to being ready for human testing.

The size of a very thick quarter that would be implanted in your brain about a thousand wires coming from this thing into your brain, that monitors your brain and the brain function, and the idea, ultimately, he’ll be able to hook you up to the internet.

Now I can see all sorts of potential for this thing. With the pigs, what he was able to do though is see the pig moving it’s leg via this implant.

So we got a long time to go before this is something to worry about. And we all become part of this star net, which also he’s putting up in outer space, which is easy, low earth orbit satellites we’ll be using for communications.

Justin McIssac: [00:02:37] So Craig, space X I think is great. I’m down with that. That’s awesome. I liked the fact that Elon Musk shot a car into the, into outer space for no reason. That was cool.

Can’t wait to be able to afford a Tesla someday. I’m going to put the brakes on  Elon Musk, putting a chip in my head because I’ve seen enough sci-fi movies to know where this ends up and it doesn’t end up in a good place. I don’t think.

Alisha Preston: [00:02:57] Yeah. I’m with you, Justin. I’m going hard. No, I don’t know why I would want that.

I want to know. So he can see the pigs move. Can he read their minds? Because if it’s, what are the pigs thinking about?

Craig Peterson: [00:03:15] Yeah, we haven’t gotten to that stage yet. all he can do is he can sense the pig’s movement of its feet through the brain. You probably know different parts of the brain are responsible for a different stops without getting into all of it. But as far as reading your mind goes, The estimates are, we are many decades away from that, we’ve been surprised before Alicia.

It’s absolutely amazing what’s happening out there. The other big story of course, of the week, is Apple. Hey, it turns out that Apple developed this huge platform. They have this app store where they review all of the apps to make sure they’re safe. They market the apps and make them available to people. Heaven forbid Apple is charging developers to put their apps up on the app store. It’s amazing.

Now Facebook is fighting them. Facebook’s trying to tell people Apple charges as 30% tax, is what they’re calling it, on anything we sell via an app. Which has been happening for a long time, Alicia?

Alisha Preston: [00:04:19] I actually know about this one because the kid plays Fortnite and had to get the PlayStation version so she could play because she can’t do it on her phone anymore. Cause they’re butting heads, the app store and fortnight.

Craig Peterson: [00:04:34] Big time and they’re removing a number of these games from the Apple app store.

The reason is that now the makers of Fortnite and others have decided, we don’t like to pay this, afterward tax, they’d call it. So we’re just going to have people buy it directly from us and we’ll give them a 10 or 20% discount. So they’re actually making a few extra bucks and Apple said, wait a minute, that’s against all of the terms, but it isn’t just Apple. Google’s doing the same thing with its play store. So this battle will continue for a while.

On one other quick thing. we just talked about Tesla and Elon Musk. Did you hear now about this Russian tourist that was just arrested he’d been chatting up a Tesla employee and offered him a million dollars to cripple. Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory that makes batteries with malware.

Talking about espionage. It’s not just the Chinese, the Russians are putting their money where the Chinese mouth is, right?

Alisha Preston: [00:05:37] Why what’s their problem with Tesla?

Craig Peterson: [00:05:38] They want to get a head in both China and Russia of our technology and they have stolen it.

I’ve seen it. With my own two eyes right here in New Hampshire with active Chinese backorders. But in this case, they really wanted to cripple the company.

That’s a good question. Were they going after the country? They wanted us to fall behind because Russia does have, in fact, a ripped-off version of the new Tesla truck that’s being made by a couple of small companies over there.

Or was this something else, that they haven’t said yet? But the FBI has been busy arresting the Chinese nationals and now Russians for absolute out and out espionage.

Justin McIssac: [00:06:22] Listen, I give you a million dollars. Perhaps you make Tesla not function as well. Eh, you put the moose and squirrel code into a Tesla source code. They didn’t make it go away.

Craig Peterson: [00:06:35] Yes. Exactly. So the Russians really did do something after all.

Alisha Preston: [00:06:41] See. Now, I see you’re going to be talking about ransomware red flags. Technology seems to be getting ahead when it comes to being able to contact people and try to get money from them.

Just the other day, I get an email from an aunt I hadn’t spoken to in two years and it was her name and it was to my actual email address saying, she needed to get an Amazon gift card for her niece. Could I get one for her?  I thought to myself, she’s older,  maybe she actually doesn’t know how to do this, but I decided to call my cousin, her son instead and she knew nothing about it. But that’s how specific the targeting is getting. The people are replicating names and emails and contacting their contacts.

Craig Peterson: [00:07:21] You’re absolutely right. I’ve got one of those last weeks, too. I have a whole file of them and I break them out, when I’m doing these free training I do, to show people what’s going on.

That’s a big one right now. I need an Amazon gift card for a relative. You’ve talked about the targeting. There have been many breaches of large systems, Equifax being the one that comes to mind for most people. Where well over 200 million people’s personal information.

Everything’s available online, but the bad guys have been doing, not only do they have your name, social security number, et cetera, but they have breaches across the board. It’s estimated right now, over 300 billion records. They’ve been taking all of those, putting them together, trying to find matches and they have been finding matches and it turns out, yeah, they found Alicia Prestons and they sent out Alicia an email, pretending it was from the aunt.

Now, in some cases, what they do is they’ll break into your aunt’s email because yahoo and many others have been hacked. So let’s go into the aunt’s email. They will have a person look or they’ll go having to have an artificial intelligence programmer, machine learning, look at the email. They’ll find, Oh, she sent an email to Alicia Therefore, I’m going to send one using your aunt’s actual account because her name and password were found online.

Go to a website right now called have I been pwned.com? Have I been pwned and type in your email address, and it’ll tell you everywhere that email is found on the dark web, all along with all of your other information that was stolen along with your email.

Alisha Preston: [00:09:02] I’m not going to do that because I don’t want to know, but that’s good information.

Craig Peterson: [00:09:09] P W N E D by the way, P W N E D

Alisha Preston: [00:09:11] For those who want to be completed incredibly stressed out, go to that website and find out.

Craig Peterson. Thank you so much for joining us. You can hear him on tech talk during, on the weekend on this station.

Craig Peterson: [00:09:22] You too. that was fun and got a little bit longer than not usually too with Jack this morning. But, man, we are getting closer. I can’t believe it’s all like what September tomorrow.

We will we’ll have some stuff comin’ up for you. We’ve been very busy. So keep an eye out on your emails. Hopefully, you’re on my email list. If you’re not, you won’t get my newsletter. But you also won’t find out about all this training they’re going to be doing and all kinds of very cool information.

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I expect I’ll be back on the ‘morrow. Take care of everybody. Bye-bye.

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