Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath this morning discussing why access to the internet could change for the better for those in rural areas and how. Here we go with Jack.

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Oh, yeah, that ISIS. So we’ve been fighting for years. They had a COVID 19 website up. Absolutely amazing face mask center.com. If you go there now, you’ll see an FBI seizure warning.

Good morning. I got some great news. If you live in the Northern US and particularly here in the Northeast from our friends at Tesla guy.

So we’ll get into that also an ISIS scam. Yeah. Those guys that were going around killing, murdering, doing nasty stuff. They had a different angle. They were making money off of scamming you. So here I was with Mr. Jack Heath this morning.

[00:00:44] Jack Heath: And joining us now with some tech talk updates.

Craig Peterson joins us live now on the Autofair listener lines, and his show airs Saturdays, as well, here on our iHeart stations. Craig. Good morning. I understand maybe more affordable internet access in the North country as well as more COVID-19 scams.

[00:00:58] Craig Peterson: Yeah, the internet man. This is going to change absolutely everything. Space X has been launching satellites. You might’ve heard about this. They’ve got a whole new network called Starlink right now. They have about 540 satellites. It was going to go up into the thousands. But there’s really good news. Write this down right now. If you live in particularly more rural areas here in the Northeast.

But Starlink is looking for beta testers and you can sign up. It’s going to cost you though. It’s a dollar for the first month, and $2 for every month after that until they get out of the beta phase.

They’re finding that the internet that you’ll get from this right now, according to tests online, done by third parties is about 50 megabits and Starlink is aiming to get that up to gigabit speed. So there you go. In the North country, 50 megabits for two bucks a month. Pretty good. And where you need to go in order to get this it just goes online, go to Starlink dot com. Now you’re going to have to sign up and be accepted, but once you’re in there, you are in there. So very, very good for the North country and I think for the rest of the state.

We’re going to get some competition for those cable TV and the companies, of course, that is providing us with phone service for so long.

[00:02:23] Jack Heath: Interesting

[00:02:24] Craig Peterson: Yeah, the ISIS front, just a warning again. Be careful of scams. ISIS has just been shut down. Yeah. That ISIS that we’ve been fighting for years. They have COVID 19 website up. Absolutely amazing face facemask center.com. If you go there now, you’ll see an FBI seizure warning, but they were selling pretty much any sort of personal protection equipment, Tyvek suits to masks a whole bunch of other things. Apparently, they were actually fulfilling them, but with substandard products would not protect you from COVID-19. So again, be very careful. And according to the FBI, they’ve seen a massive volume of illegitimate materials like PPE being sold and never delivered as well. So double-check those inventories.

[00:03:18] Jack Heath: All right, Craig Peterson. Thank you very much. Watch.

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Have a great weekend. We will be back tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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