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Craig joins Ken and Matt today to learn more about what to do with Apple’s recent iPhone battery situation, including how to handle your old iPhones.

And in case you noticed that your WiFi is a little unstable, Craig shares with Ken and Matt how to take care of it.

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Airing date: 01/24/2018

Apple Battery Situation – Wonky Wi-Fi Thanks Google – Dumping Windows – Apple Laptops vs Windows


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Well this morning with Ken and Matt, we talked about why the city of Barcelona is dumping Windows in favor of Linux. We talked a little bit about Apple, in fact, we talked about the batteries. If your Wi-Fi is acting weird, if it’s gone wonky on you. We talk about the various causes for your Wi-Fi going bad. All of that. Of course just a little bit more this morning in the state of Maine.


Matt Gagnon: [00:00:28] Craig Peterson, tech guru. Back again. And here he is. Craig, how are you this morning?


Craig: [00:00:35] I’m doing better. I’m probably about 95 percent better now I think.


Matt: [00:00:39] Good lord. Was this like week 3 for you?


Ken Altshuler: [00:00:42] Well there’s a bad flu. Is it the flu?


Craig: [00:00:45] It is. Yeah. It’s over two weeks. And Tuesday two weeks ago when I came down with it. I’m still kind of a little clogged up here. But you know I always thought the flu was something where you were vomiting and just feeling totally miserable versus the cold which was you know you have a head cold right? You’re coughing and things. But apparently you can be coughing and with the headaches and the aches and pains everywhere. That’s also the flu and I’m just too confused. But yeah, I think it was the flu and it was nasty. And a couple of my kids ended up with it and got infections and had to go on antibiotics. And I can see why people might die from this thing. This can get really nasty.


Ken: [00:01:35] Yes. And I’m glad you’re feeling better and I hope I don’t catch it from you through the phone.


Craig: [00:01:40] Well, there you go.


Ken: [00:01:42] So let’s talk a little bit about the topic we’ve never talked about. Apple batteries. So what’s the latest with the Apple battery controversy?


Craig: [00:01:53] Yeah this is an interesting thing. Now, you wouldn’t be that affected by it Ken because you always get the latest and greatest iPhone.


Ken: [00:02:00] Of course. As everyone should do.


Craig: [00:02:01] Yeah, yeah. There you go. We’ve got to stimulate the economy right? That’s what that’s all about the iPhone.


Ken: [00:02:08] Exactly.


Craig: [00:02:09] So what had happened here, for those that aren’t really familiar with it, is Apple got a lot of complaints about older batteries because what would happen is when your battery aged, it would start losing the ability to hold a charge. Now it takes a long time for these new batteries to start losing their charges not like back in the day where you only had 100 times you could charge a battery and then it was completely gone. But these new batteries what they would do is the voltage would drop over time. And as it got to a certain level Apple would turn off the hardware so your iPhone would just shut down because the battery voltage is too low and they don’t want to damage the phone. Now that’s still true today. Every iPhone, every Samsung Galaxy, you name it. When the battery voltage gets too low it shuts it off. But here’s the problem. People were complaining that wow my battery has 30 percent left and then all of a sudden my phone’s dead. Right? It shuts down. What’s going on here? And that was because of the older batteries. Now Apple came up with a really great way to handle this. They just didn’t do. So created another way. What they did is on the technical side is they said well we’re going to change it here so that the battery, you know, a little percentage in the corner is going to go down gradually and it will read properly and we’re going to also, in order to make that battery last longer, we’re going to slow down your phone. Now it worked really well. It allowed you to have your battery all day long even on an older iPhone. It didn’t all of a sudden die on you when it had a 40 percent charge. But the big, big, big problem was Apple decided hey we’re not going to bother telling anybody we did this. That’s just nuts. I don’t get it. What were they really thinking here?


Matt: [00:04:19] I don’t know maybe they want to push you to get a new phone. You see, I must have… you Apple lovers. You people. You are doing it for altruistic reasons to make your phone. I just want to make your phone run better. It has nothing to do with making you have a slow phone that you have to go upgrade right?


Craig: [00:04:36] But that’s the question right? Why did you do this to us? It just doesn’t make sense. Apple already has that thing in settings that you can put your phone into low power mode right? When your phone gets to 20 percent or 10 percent it says hey listen I’m going to switch over to low power mode. But it didn’t tell you about what it was doing with your battery. So there is lawsuits out there. Lawyers like Ken are there getting involved are going to make some bucks, a few of them. These are class action suits. And people are saying listen you devalued my phone because of what you did. My phone isn’t worth as much because people don’t want it. They want a new phone. They don’t want an old slow phone which goes, Matt, right along the lines of what you’re just saying. Right. And so they are suing Apple. Apple now is coming out. They’ve got a patch that just was released yesterday. You can do an upgrade on your iOS. But Apple’s coming out with a function lets you control your own battery’s destiny. So you will know. I’ve got an older battery what do I want to do now? And you can tell that just run full speed until the battery dies. I’m fine with that or the mode it’s been in for a while. Unbeknownst to the owners which is you know while also the phone down just to help compensate for the battery. So that’s good I think. You’re going to have that option to control your battery and how it’s used. You can still schedule going into the Apple store, get a new battery for your older iPhone for 30 bucks. And something else really kind of cool I found out about just yesterday I’m hearing reports now that if you have an iPhone 6 plus, about half of them, if you take that iPhone 6 plus into the Apple store you pay your 29 dollars for the battery update. Half of the time they’ll give you a newer phone. They’ll give you an iPhone 6S Plus. So keep that in mind too. You might even get a free upgrade out of them.


Matt: [00:06:47] Wow. Free upgrades. That’s nice. Very altruistic of them. Yes. So Craig get going away from Apple and the battery issues. Sometimes when I’m at home my Wi-Fi is acting a little bit on the wonky, weird side. Why would that be? Why would that possibly be happening to me?


Craig: [00:07:12] Well it turns out that there’s a few different reasons. The number one reason that your Wi-Fi might be wonky is probably your neighbors. If you have older devices and they’re running with the older Wi-Fi standards. There are really only about three channels that don’t overlap each other. So if you have a bunch of neighbors around and they all have Wi-Fi and you don’t have the new 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi, that’s the number one reason. OK. So you might want to do a bit of an upgrade on your Wi-Fi. If you’re using an iPhone or the newer Samsung phones they can use this new 5 gigahertz band. But the other reason is if you have Google hardware, we’re talking about Google Home and Google Chromecast. They are both known to have some major problems that cause interference with almost every Wi-Fi router out there. So if you have a router from brands like ASUS or Linksys or Netgear or Synology or many, many others.


Matt: [00:08:19] So like all of them?


Craig: [00:08:18] A whole… like all of them right. This whole line of Google path to products is causing problems. What it does is it wake from a sleep mode and then it sends these massive bursts of information. We’re talking about more than a hundred thousand packets from your little Google device sitting there, your Google Home or Chromecast sitting there that you saw it was doing nothing. It can just walk all over your regular devices on that network. So Google’s got to make a fix here frankly. They haven’t done it yet. Google says they’re working to come up with a solution here. Some of the router manufacturers including TP-Link have come out with some patches for it as a workaround. But if you are having problems with your Wi-Fi as Matt explained, it gets a little wonky. Two things to look at, your neighbors and then if you have the Google equipment in your house and a lot of people do. By the way speaking of the Google Home and their little speakers and of course Amazon has their Echo products, you know Alexa, this Friday Apple’s expected to release their 350 dollar stereo based speaker. So in other words you could buy a Google home speaker and an Amazon Echo speaker for less than buying one Apple speaker. But I’m hearing the audio on that is really good.


Ken: [00:09:52] Well, let me stop you there because you know I love Apple products. So what does the Apple speaker, is it like Siri? I mean, what is it? What does it do?


Craig: [00:10:03] And in fact with the late latest release of iOS, they upgraded Siri so it can do a few more things. So think of it just like you think of all of these other smart speakers or just Siri. So it sits there. I’ve heard some people, I talked to some people who have heard it and they say that the sound on it is absolutely phenomenal. So what you can do is you can tell it, hey Siri. Play blah, blah. And off it’ll go. It will start playing your favorite hits from the blah, blah band. It does that. It answers your normal questions. It’s going to help you with recipes. Obviously it’s not going to take orders for things like your Alexa would where you can order things from Amazon just by talking to it. But it’s long awaited here and it’s a couple of steps behind because Amazon has built in now a camera and a screen so you can use it for making phone calls and things. We can expect that from Apple too in the future. But right now it’s primarily for playing music and answering some pretty basic questions.


Ken: [00:11:08] Before we let you go Craig, we’re talking with Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guru. Http:// if you want to get his newsletter off on all the important tech information. I want to congratulate the city of Barcelona for understanding the flaws of Windows. I mean, I think this to me is the most important international news we’ve heard in a year.


Craig: [00:11:30] Yeah this is kind of interesting because of course Windows gets very expensive and if you’re a large organization it can really hurt your budget. And so the city of Barcelona is following some other cities that have decided they are getting rid of Windows. They’re just completely dumping it. They’re saying hey, listen. You know you can get a Google Chromebook now or Chromebook from ASUS, etc. for a couple hundred bucks. Why are we paying all of this money for Windows with the ongoing now, you know, the Office 365 you pay every month. So Barcelona, Spain has announced it is dumping Windows, dumping Office. It’s moving over to the free open software alternatives that are out there running on Linux. And you can do it. A lot of people have. If you’re not a fan of Microsoft or Apple there are alternatives out there or Google you know that you can use. Some employees have workstations already and they’re using some really good software. Now you can use things like GIMP] for instance which replaces the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and I’ve helped some companies move off of Windows. They’ve saved a lot of money. They’re still compatible with the Microsoft Office software but they are able to do this for just a fraction of the cost. So Barcelona moved into Linux.


Matt: [00:12:58] Alright. Craig Peterson our tech guru. Thanks so much for joining us giving us the tech updates of the week we’ll talk to you again next Wednesday.


Craig: [00:13:10] Take care gentlemen. Bye-bye.


Matt: [00:13:11] Thank you sir.


Ken: [00:13:10]  Anybody who stops using Windows is showing extraordinary intelligence.


Matt: [00:13:15] Just going through we’re going to buy some new computers at work. You know it’s like cycling into new ones because the old ones are a little crummy and one of the employees wants an Apple machine which she probably deserves given the like you know video editing and all the other stuff that is needed. I always liked Apple products for that kind of thing better. So I’m probably going to do it. And then brought up the conversation. Well if we are going to do that for him. Why do we keep everybody on the same platform unlike when we when we cycle out these old laptops let’s buy maybe new ones? I mean it is more expensive to do it but worth it. Some people are still a little married to the whole Windows…


Ken: [00:13:50] Fire them immediately.


Matt: [00:13:51] Fire them immediately?


Ken: [00:13:52] Or give them 30,000 each then fire them.


Craig: [00:14:00] Ok I can’t let that go. OK. Here’s the bottom line when it comes to the costs involved, the actual cost. Even if you’re just considering the hardware. If you consider how good the Apple hardware is, how fast it is, how long it’ll last you. Apple is always cheaper than the Windows alternatives. Always. We still have laptops that we’re using in our business, Apple laptops that are 10 years old. Whereas the average lifespan of a Windows laptop is less than one year old. And if you look at the components you know you just heard Matt talk about using them for graphics and things. If you look at the components in that Apple laptop and compare a Windows laptop with the same quality components the same speed, the same performance, the same battery draw. The Windows laptop will be more expensive than the Apple laptop. Of course it’s less expensive to buy the Windows laptop to start with because they are almost always cheap. They’re poorly made. You know a good comparable laptop in the Windows world and we buy these for clients all of the time where they need something that’s a little ruggedized or something that’s going to provide better performance better lifetime performance. You’re talking about a three to five thousand dollar laptop. Windows laptop so you may not know this but they can go all the way up to eight or ten thousand dollars depending on what features you want in them. So don’t look at Apple versus Windows and say wow the Apple equipment is more expensive because ultimately it’s not and much the same is true for iPhones. You know I upgraded an iPhone, my own iPhone, brought it in. Apple gave me a 300 dollar credit toward to buy a new one. There is residual value in this equipment as well which means because it’s going to last a while it means people are going to pay more for it. It means that ultimately it’s more of an investment than something that you get like an Android phone or cheap Windows laptop where you’re going to throw it away at the end. So anyhow. Couldn’t let the discussion go uncommented have a great day. You’re listen to Craig Peterson and you know, have a great day. See you at Bye-bye.


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