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Craig joins Ken and Matt this week to talk about why Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, won’t let you have your kids use social media.

Also in today’s discussion, sensitive information is revealed by a wearable technology, and dangerous for U.S. soldiers. What is the brand of this wearable tech?


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Airing date: 02/07/2018


Fitbit Security Problems With Soldiers – Tim Cook Warns Against Kids On Social Media – ATM Jackpotting



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi, Craig Peterson here. This morning with Ken and Matt, we talked about Tim Cook and how he’s telling parents to not let their kids on to social media. We talked about why that is. We talked about soldiers and the use of Fitbit and how the information leaked from those Fitbits frankly is endangering our troops and endangering overall our security. And you know what a jackpot is when you go to Vegas right? Well there’s a new ATM problem that hackers are now using that can cause the ATM to give you a jackpot. Stick around. Here we go.


Matt Gagnon: [00:00:43] We are back again on the WGAN Morning News With Ken and Matt. It is 7:38 and we have Craig Peterson our tech guru who is joining us right now. Craig, how are you doing?


Craig: [00:00:53] Hey, good morning. Yeah with Ken and Matt and Craig.


Ken Altshuler: [00:00:59] Yes, Craig Peterson.


Matt: [00:01:01] Ken, Matt, and Craig. It’s a trio.


Ken: [00:01:03] It’s a trio. So let’s start off with some questions you know. What is jackpotting and how has that been an issue in the United States? And is it now?


Craig: [00:01:13] Yes. This is interesting, Ken, because you know that last time you went to the ATM and all of a sudden it started spitting money out at you? Do you remember that?


Ken: [00:01:22] Yes. All of the time. It happens every time I walk by one.


Craig: [00:01:26] It’s just like you’re at the local casino and you win the jackpot right. And all of a sudden all these coins start flying at you. Here’s what’s happening. This is a problem particularly for the small businesses that own an ATM.  Now if you walk into a mall or one of these small stores including, I know 7-Eleven for instance, I think nationwide. They have these small ATMs in the store. And these ATMs are often owned by, one guy can own a bunch of them at different stores. It might be the store owner themselves and they usually have the exorbitant fees on them, right? It’s not the cheap ATM or the free one you’d get with your bank. Although some of these are bank owned. These small ATMs have been vulnerable, overseas particularly in the U.K. And what people do is they take these little scopes where you’ve got a camera, you’ve seen these before right guys? Sometimes they’ll use them to see if there’s something blocking a pipe or something. So you run this little auto scope down into the pipe to see what’s up. Well there are teeny tiny versions of those now that tie right into your phone or into your laptop. In fact we have one and we use for inspecting machines to see if they need to be cleaned. You know, if there’s dust and things in them.


So the guys will take these. They will go and shove it in a little crack in the ATM. And they’ll look around inside the ATM to try and find an interface and then they’ll go ahead and try and connect to that interface. And they’ve been rather successful at doing this once they’re in the ATM, they go ahead at that point and upload a little bit of software, a little bit of malware. And now if you enter a certain button code, that cheat code just like we used to have in the video games, on the front of the ATM, it will dump all of its cash out. And some of these ATMs have twenty thousand dollars’ worth of cash in them at the beginning of a long weekend. So the banks should be closed for three days, or even if they’re not people want to get there. So it’s happening here in the U.S. now. If you own ATMs, if you own a small store, you’re going to have to keep an eye on them because it’s starting to spread. And at twenty thousand dollars a pop even the small ATMs with five thousand dollars a pop, you can lose a lot of money pretty darn quickly.


Matt: [00:04:03] We are talking to Craig Peterson our tech guru. He joins us every Wednesday at this time to give us an eye on technology across the globe. And speaking of technology, one of the biggest technology companies on Earth is of course Apple. CEO Tim Cook just recently told you to not give your kids social media because it’s bad. And I agree with Tim Cook. What did he say?


Craig: [00:04:23] Yeah exactly. Well look I have certainly thought about this many times because as you know, my wife and I, we have 8 kids right. We raise them all. Homeschooled them all. And managed to be you know the right age that the kids really did not have access to any of these things. They didn’t exist right. At best the phones could text and not very well at that. Nowadays we’re talking about, not the device itself so much, but social media. And that’s what Tim Cook was talking about. He visited a group of kids in London a couple of weeks ago. And he was talking to them about some of the new programs Apple had. They have this thing called Everyone Can Code program and the idea is get kids involved with programming so they understand it and they understand better how computers work and maybe someday they can be a Tim Cook or somebody out like a Wozniak that is behind the technology behind these things. But he’s warning the students about the dangers of social media because he’s concerned that the kids get caught up in trivial thing. That they have online trolls coming after them. And you remember what it was like to get beat up or harassed school back in the day. You know we can always run away. We always eventually got home. We got away from the bullies. The kids these days can’t get away from them particularly in social media. And he’s also concerned that young kids worry too much about what other people think. And I think he’s got some really good advice here. Basically until your kid basically 18, don’t let them get on social media. So what are the odds you can be able to do that. Right. But frankly I think it’s really good advice. Our kids get caught up in this. I’m not fond of, I have you know when you have kids you have one of everything right? They have this many kids. I have one that loves to play video games and to me I just look at that as a waste of time. But piled on top of that, all of this negative negativity here. Worrying about what people think, the trivial stuff going on, the online trolls and you’ve got something really, really dangerous. So Matt, you and I agree on this one. As of right along with Tim Cook keep an eye on it. Don’t let your younger kids get their hands on social media.


Ken: [00:06:55] I certainly don’t want to use my face space ever. No doubt about that. We’re talking to Craig Peterson.


Craig: [00:07:00] Yeah. I’ve never used that.


Ken: [00:07:01] You haven’t? Well, I’m going to create it. Yeah. Because I want to be a billionaire like Zuckerberg. You know. I probably won’t in my lifetime. We’re talking to Craig Peterson. Of course, he joins us every Wednesday at 7:38. Http://, if you want to get his newsletter and find out all this information. So normally Craig we would think that jogging is good, particularly in the military, you keep in good shape. You jog.


Matt: [00:07:23] Or as the Scandinavians call it jogging.


Ken: [00:07:25] Jogging. Is jogging good for these soldiers? Is jogging dangerous in any way?


Craig: [00:07:31] Well I don’t know. You and I, Ken, we’re old enough to remember Jim Fixx. Remember him.


Ken: [00:07:36] I do. Died of a heart attack.


Craig: [00:07:41] Yeah. He’s the guy that started this craze. Right?


Ken: [00:07:44] It’s true.


Craig: [00:07:44] Yeah. Go running everyday. Go jogging. And he died of a heart attack.


Matt: [00:07:49] Whoops.


Craig: [00:07:50] So I don’t know that it does you that much good. What was that Matt?


Matt: [00:07:52] I said whoops. Good advice, right?


Craig: [00:07:55] Really good advice. But here’s the problem. We love our little devices, our mobile devices right. We all have some of them whether it’s a smartphone or an Apple Watch or in many cases people are getting Fitbots. I know a guy that, I have a friend, he has an Apple Watch and he stopped wearing it and started wearing his Fitbit because he really loved the information it gave him more than what the Apple Watch did. And of course that’s all apps and things. But the main reason he loves the Fitbit is it let him compare himself against other people. Right.


And so he goes out and he runs his neighborhood and it’s timing him, it’s tracking him. He can see where other people ran and the time that they did it in. And so now he, you know type a type right. So now he’s competing against these people he doesn’t even know. Well we have our soldiers worldwide of course they have to stay in shape. They’re doing the physical assessment tests at least twice, most of the time four times a year, and they have to stay in shape. They’re out running. And as it turns out many of them like the competition too. So they have Fitbits. Well, we know Fitbits are synced. All that data goes up to the cloud. And once it’s there there’s GPS data as well as all of this other that is telling the cloud where the soldiers are running. And I checked this morning, there’s a company called Strava, and you’ll see it on my website. This whole article and you can see this heat map. If you’re familiar with heat maps it’s you know where there’s a lot of activity. And I’m able to, right now, I’m looking at a military base. And I’m looking at the runway there at the military base. And you can see where the soldiers are running every day. And apparently this is a bit of a information leak, right, that no one was predicting or expecting although I talked about the similar thing here about three to five years ago with women in Central Park running around with these things and being tracked by people. We don’t have time to talk about that right now and how that works. But in this case soldiers are revealing some sensitive information by jogging using Fitbits attached ultimately to the Internet. And there’s some secret bases out there that have apparently been exposed over on this website, a public website. So you know we’ve got to be a little more careful with some of the technology.


Matt: [00:10:42] All right. Craig Peterson, our tech guru joins us every Wednesday at this time to give us an eye on technology. Craig thank you very much. We’ll talk to you again next week sir.


Craig: [00:10:50] Hey gentlemen take care.


Matt: [00:10:52] Take care. All right so let’s take a break.


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